Attending OPSEU Convention 2017? Read this!

Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) at night with CN Tower in background.

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) is currently in the process of modernizing the South Building to give it a new and fresh look. They completed Phase 1 of modernization in January and are now moving into Phase 2. During Phase 2, which starts March 25, walking through the South Building will not be permitted, as it is deemed as a construction area. Please note the following:

  • Anyone parking in the South parking lot wishing to gain access to the North Building must do so by walking outside (and not through) the South Building. Therefore, it is highly recommended that attendees park in the North parking garage during this time.
  • To ensure a safe workplace, the ceremonial entrance on 500 level, the South parking entrance on 600 level, and path level doors and bridge doors will be locked at all times. Therefore, attendees will not be able to walk through the South Building to get to the North Building.

All attendees are encouraged to purchase their parking pass in advance of attending Convention. You can purchase your ticket here