OPSEU Liquor Board Employees Division

As LCBO pickets continue with focus on safety, casual work, and stopping privatization, media coverage grows

The second week of pickets brought continued coverage from local and regional media outlets across the province. Media shared the stories of workers’ struggles, and highlighted the many public services paid for through LCBO revenues.

Union protests Liberal privatization of LCBO

Employees of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) continued to wage their battle against privatization and the excess of casual work positions within the organization during an information picket Wednesday in Pembroke.

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OPSEU visits Guelph to state its case for LCBO workers

The union that represents LCBO workers brought its message to Guelph on Wednesday. Job security, worker safety, casual workers and what OPSEU calls the slow privatization of alcohol sales in Ontario are some of their main concerns.

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Broadening booze sales options like privatizing hydro, union says

Educating the public on how LBO revenues fund public services and fighting further privatization was the goal of an information picket last week in Sudbury, which compared the privatization to the Liberals’ sale of Hydro One, and raised concerns over the potential closure of northern stores.

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OPSEU fighting to keep LCBO public

Workers picketed outside the Napanee LCBO this afternoon looking to spread the word about the negative aspects of privatizing the LCBO. 

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LCBO workers protest lagging contract talks, privatization concerns

Workers from two Liquor Control Board of Ontario outlets in Ottawa staged information pickets Thursday to protest ongoing contract concerns, including privatization of alcohol sales and shift hours for casual employees.

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