To Arrell Youth Centre CEO Kim Ciavarella: We’re so sorry.

Publication Date

Monday, July 30, 2018 - 11:45am

OPSEU’s job is to protect frontline workers from bosses like you – so sorry about that.

We’re also dedicated to strong public services. We’re such a pest, right?

During the lockout at the Arrell Youth Centre, we’ve done so much to be sorry about.

  • We’re sorry that we dared question you when you locked out our members.
  • We’re sorry that we pointed out that your salary has gone up by nearly 20% while you’ve asked your workers to pay 20% more for their health benefits.
  • We’re sorry that we asked why you deserve a $20,000/year raise and such a hefty salary, but don’t respect your clients or workers.
  • We’re sorry that we challenged you to do your job and care about helping troubled youth, instead of sending them far from their families and community supports.
  • We’re sorry that we questioned why you would ignore the pleas of the Canadian Children’s Rights Council to end the lockout.

We’re so sorry for doing our job.

But for the sake of your community, please unlock the doors and let our members get back to doing their important jobs.

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