Hospital Professionals

Arbitrator issues first contract award for health professionals in Arnprior


Two years after a successful organizing drive – and after their employer’s reluctance to negotiate a first contract – an arbitrator has handed down an award to hospital professionals at Arnprior and District Memorial Hospital.

The award mirrors in most respects the central Hospital Professionals agreement in place, with a couple of notable improvements. The majority of those covered under the agreement are part-time employees and they will need 1,500 hours annually to qualify for seniority provisions, about 10 per cent less than language in the central agreement.

The award covers about 30 employees of Local 491, including those working in diagnostic and imagining, physiotherapists, pharmacy technicians and health records staff.

“We are very pleased with the arbitrator’s decision,” said Pam Donaldson, chair of the bargaining team. “Our members are delighted with the outcome, despite the fact it took two years to achieve.”

More information:

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OPSEU Staff Representative
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