Apply for the upcoming Region 3 Educational October 5 & 6, 2024

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We have enclosed a call for the Region 3 Educational to be held on October 5 & 6, 2024 at Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre – 4252 Haliburton County Rd 21, Haliburton ON K0M 1S0. (705) 457-1800.

You will find the following in this package:

  1. Application for Educational
  2. Advance Request Form
  3. Human Rights Accommodation Request 
  4. Educational Information Sheet – outlines certain educational policies.
  5. Descriptions of courses being offered
  6. Statement of Respect/Scent/Nut-Free

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a confirmation letter if selected. At that time you will also receive the time-off request form and child care request form for completion.

For your application to be considered, it must be sent to the email by Friday July 26, 2024 by 4:30pm. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Information Sheet


  • Application forms must be signed by the Local President or Designate, and received by the Region 3 email address no later than Friday July 26, 2024 by 4:30pm. Application forms & accompanying documents must be fully completed and received on time to be considered.


  • A member cancelling participation must notify their Local President and as soon as possible. Members are responsible for cancelling hotel reservations and any associated cost for late cancellations.

No Call/No Show

  • Members who do not cancel their participation with the Regional Office within forty-eight (48) hours of the event start date, will be assessed a fifty-dollar ($50) penalty and will not be eligible to attend the next educational. Extenuating circumstances will be considered.

Child care/Elder/Dependant Care

  • Members will be reimbursed for family care (childcare/ elder care/dependent care) at a rate of $15.00 an hour to a maximum of $220.00 in a 24 hour period.
  • Childcare claims will be honoured for children up to and including age 16, for whom the member is a guardian.
  • Care may be provided by friends/family, professional or commercial services, or any other arrangement satisfactory to the member making the claim. Claims may be verified and must be signed by the service provider. A spouse is excluded from the list of eligible care providers.
  • Members who have responsibility for elderly/dependant persons living with them as part of their family may claim for their care.
  • Members will be reimbursed for family/attendant care at $15.00 an hour, to a maximum of $220.00 in a 24 hour period.
  • This policy covers the expenses for persons over the age of 16, permanently residing with, and under the care of a member, who are differently-abled and/or aged. A spouse is excluded from the list of eligible care providers.
  • If childcare is requested through OPSEU/SEFPO at the Educational, all paperwork must be completed and submitted, and the child must be in attendance with the program. If the child is not in attendance, you will be responsible for the full cost of their accommodation and the cost of meals at the Resort.


The Member Portal ( is the quickest way to have your expenses processed. Please see the E-Claim tutorial in your Members Profile under the Documents menu.

If you choose to use a paper expense claim – only one event is allowed on each form and can be submitted to Multiple events on one form will be returned to the member for correction.

Hotel Accommodation

A block of rooms has been reserved at Pinestone Resort and is based on OPSEU/SEFPO policy of single accommodations. There are also overflow rooms available at 2 locations nearby.

  • Once acceptance to the educational is confirmed, Members are responsible for booking their own accommodations directly with Pinestone Resort no later than September 4th, 2024. Bookings after this date are subject to availability and regular hotel room rates will apply. To book your room at Pinestone Resort call (705) 457-1800.

Overflow location #1 – Prices vary per room. Extra guests are $10+tax per person, per night.

Lakeview Motel – 4951 Haliburton County Rd 21, Haliburton ON K0M 1S0

Call 705-457-1027 and let them know you are with OPSEU – Miliyana, for our block/rate.


Overflow location #2 – $149+tax plus $10+tax per person, per night for extra for each additional guest in the room.

Pets are welcome in some rooms at a cost of $20+tax per pet, per night. (cannot be left alone in room).

Silver Maple Motel – 48 Highland St, Haliburton ON K0M 1S0

Call 705-457-2607 to reserve your room. There is a full cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation after September 4, 2024.

  • If members are unable to attend, they are responsible for cancelling their reservation.
  • Hotel Accommodations are not approved for members living within 60 Kilometers of the hotel location.

Meals that are included in the room rates will not be allowable expenses even if you do not eat at the resort. Pinestone Resort will be providing Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on Saturday & Breakfast on Sunday.

Additional Guests – please notify the hotel directly to let them know you are bringing additional guests so we can make the appropriate meal arrangements. Please note that accommodations and meals for additional guests will not be reimbursed. The cost of the included meals for a guest is $154.58 per adult guest and $77.29 for children 12 an under.

Children must be registered and attend the on-site childcare to have their accommodations and meals reimbursed.

Additional meal rates will be charged in advance of arrival. Upon check-in, participants and paid guests will be provided with a bracelet, allowing them to eat with the group.

OPSEU/SEFPO members are responsible for notifying the hotel directly of any special accommodations or dietary restrictions required by guests or children of the member.

Check-in time: after 4 p.m. on Friday Checkout time: by 11:00am on Sunday.

Time-Off/Lost Wages

Lost wages will be reimbursed for shift workers only in accordance with current OPSEU/SEFPO policy. Documentation must be submitted with your claim.

Own time is not paid for a weekend education.

Time off arrangements – Time-Off Request forms will be provided for completion with the confirmation letter if selected.

Course Descriptions for October 5 & 6, 2024

Courses times: Saturday, October 5th 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. & Sunday, October 6th 9:00a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Advanced Grievance Handling for Union Building

Does your local have a grievance committee? Can your experience in handling a grievance help to build the local? Can you use your knowledge of common grievance issues to raise awareness at demand setting meetings? Have you ever thought of what it is like to be on the Employer side of the table? These are some of the topics that will be explored in the NEW Advanced Grievance Handling for Union Building course.

You will also get the opportunity to practice being on the Union’s team and the Employer’s Team as you work through some scenarios. Building on the Basic Grievance Handling for Union Building course, this course focuses on expanding both the steward’s and Local’s ability to process grievances from start to finish.

Through active interviewing process, participants will explore how to identify grievances, practice negotiating settlements and draft realistic, enforceable grievance settlements. Participants should bring their Collective Agreements to the course.

Interpreting Your Collective Agreement: An Activist’s Role

Do you know what your collective agreement is? Do you have a copy of it? Have you ever wondered what is in your collective agreement and how to find information on different articles? Do you know how the collective agreement is structured? Are you confused by some of the terms used in it?

In this newly revised version of the Contract Interpretation course members will be assisted in understanding the power of their collective agreement and how to interpret and enforce their collective agreement. Using interpretation guidelines developed through case law, participants will build the skills and confidence needed to understand and use their collective agreements.

Activities will give participants an opportunity to review legislation, examine the importance of timelines, discuss case scenarios and debate some common clauses and what they mean. Participants should bring their Collective Agreements to the course.

Challenging Discrimination in Everyday Union Work

This course looks at everyday situations in our workplaces and union where inequality and racism are at work, and where people can take effective action. It uses case scenarios and analysis to examine different forms of discrimination – race, gender, age and disability – and its divisive effects. And it draws from videos and role play to get people to practice responding practically to situations.

The course helps us to see equity and human rights as basic union work for all. And it strengthens our skills as effective allies and advocates to build more inclusive workplaces and locals.

Human Rights, Union Rights and Global Solidarity

Faced with governments pushing austerity around the world, global solidarity is more important than ever. Why do we find ourselves fighting the same fights fought more than 30, 50 or even 100 years ago? This course explores what our roles are as individuals, union members, and community citizens, in the ongoing fight for fairness, equality and justness.

Participants will draw critical links between human rights, union rights and global solidarity, and will be asked to commit to collective action to build solidarity locally and globally. By the end of the course, participants will be able to recognize and challenge privilege and oppression, know the differences between charity and solidarity, and will be better able to challenge the current austerity agenda.

Statement of Respect

Harassment or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated at OPSEU functions.

Whenever OPSEU members gather, we welcome all peoples of the world. We will not accept any unwelcoming words, actions or behaviours against our union members. We accord respect to all persons, regardless of age, creed, political affiliation and racialization including and not limited to People of African descent, Black, Caribbean, South Asian, Asian, women, men, First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, members of ethno-racial groups, people with disabilities, gays, lesbians, bisexual, trans, two-spirit, and gender diverse persons, Francophones and all persons whose first language is not English.In our diversity we will build solidarity as union members.

If you believe that you are being harassed or discriminated against, contact the Facilitator or Instructor for immediate assistance.

Allergy Alert

Scent, Peanuts and Nut-Free Policy

Workers are becoming sensitized to chemicals, scented products and certain foods such as peanuts, peanut butter, pecans, walnuts, many chocolate bars and energy/nutrition bars.

For many individuals, attending conferences, meetings etc. and being exposed to perfumes, other strong scents and certain foods can pose serious health risks such as asthma attacks, respiratory problems and/or migraine headaches.

In the interest of the health and safety of the sisters and brothers whose health may suffer from any of these exposures, we ask that you refrain from wearing or using scented products, peanut and nut products at all OPSEU/SEFPO events and OPSEU/SEFPO locations.

Alerte aux allergies

Politique pour un environnement sans parfums, sans arachides et sans noix

Les travailleurs sont de plus en plus sensibles aux produits chimiques, aux produits parfumés et à certains aliments, tels que les arachides, le beurre d’arachide, les pacanes et les noix (famille des noix), ainsi qu’à de nombreuses barres de chocolat et barres énergétiques et nutritives.

Pour de nombreuses personnes qui assistent aux conférences, réunions, etc., une exposition aux parfums et autres produits fortement odorants, ainsi qu’à certains aliments, peut poser un risque grave pour la santé, tels que crises d’asthme, problèmes respiratoires et/ou migraines.

Dans l’intérêt de la santé et de la sécurité de nos consoeurs et confrères sujets aux effets néfastes d’une exposition à ces produits, nous vous demandons de ne pas porter ou utiliser des produits parfumés et de ne pas avoir avec vous arachides, noix et produits contenant des noix lorsque vous vous trouvez à une activité ou dans un local du SEFPO/OPSEU, quels qu’ils soient.

Authorized by the OPSEU Executive Board / Avis autorisé par le Conseil exécutif du SEFPO