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Algonquin Times: Algonquin College begins phase three of work-to-rule after rejecting offer

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The Algonquin Times is reporting that faculty at Algonquin College have begun phase three of their work-to-rule campaign following a vote to reject the employer’s latest offer.

The vote, held Feb. 15 to 17, was open to some 16,000 Ontario college faculty members at Ontario’s 24 public colleges.

Phase three of the work-to-rule campaign comes with additional wide-ranging actions touching several areas of college activity.

Annette Carla Bouzi, President of OPSEU/SEFPO Local 415 at Algonquin, said she hopes the employer will return to the table to negotiate in good faith and resolve outstanding issues to the benefit of students and faculty.

“We already know what the issues are,” said Bouzi. “We already know what the problems are. We have decades of research and data. What we need is action, and we need them fixed.”

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