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Administrative professionals: the backbone of our workplaces

On behalf of the OPSEU Executive Board, I would like to pay tribute today – Administrative Professionals Day – to  the thousands of OPSEU members who keep offices humming in the Ontario Public Service, the Broader Public Service and in colleges across Ontario.

You are, without doubt, the strength and backbone of our offices. Without you, the work of public sector employees would grind to a standstill. You are the oil that keeps our offices running smoothly and the first responders when office efficiencies break down.

It’s been almost 70 years since administrative professionals were first recognized for their work. The day itself has undergone many name changes since then, but one fact remains constant: the public is well served by your hard work, dedication and resourcefulness. You represent professionalism at its finest.

Plenty has changed in your work over the decades. Modern technology has replaced the old, labour-intensive methods that once marked office work. Program delivery models have changed. Equity practices are firmly rooted. Throughout it all, you have remained a model of professionalism to a public that oftentimes overlooks your vital contributions.

Administrative Professionals Day is a timely reminder that it takes a village of knowledgeable experts like yourselves to serve the public service needs of all Ontarians. On behalf of tens of thousands of OPSEU members who rely on your daily work, I simply say, thank you.

In solidarity,

Warren (Smokey) Thomas