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A Message from the President and CEO of OPTrust


Dear Member,

We are all doing our part to slow down and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

OPTrust has taken a number of steps to protect the health of our team and community as we continue to pay pensions today and preserve pensions for tomorrow. For example, most of our team has been working from home for the last 10 days and by the end of this week every single employee will be doing so.

Our commitment to you

We will continue administrating the Plan and paying your pensions throughout this difficult period. Despite the current environment, you can rest assured you will continue to receive your pension payments.

You can find information and the most recent updates at optrust.com. We are not holding any information sessions but OPTrust’s pension benefits specialists are available to answer your questions or to help you with any life event or personal information changes. Connect with us via our Online Services secure messaging feature or by telephone. You can also review your personal pension information while online.

While appointments are no longer in-person, they can take place online or over the telephone. Please also note, given the current situation, we are no longer able to collect and process paper mail so all communications should be by internet, email or telephone. If you have special needs, please let us know and we will work to find a way to meet them.

For retired members, if you receive your pension payment by cheque, we believe it would be safer for you to switch to direct deposit. Doing so will help us protect the well being of our team and provides a safe, secure and timely way to receive your pension. Call us directly at 1-800-637-0024 to make the switch.

Protecting your security

Unfortunately, there has been an increase in email scams related to Covid-19 where individuals are contacted by others claiming to be from a financial institution or health organization and requesting personal information. Please be aware that OPTrust will never call or email you to ask for your personal information and caution that you be wary of those that do.

Working to serve you

We continue to monitor the latest advice from public health officials and follow their recommendations. OPTrust uses technology that makes it possible for the vast majority of our team members to fulfill their work duties from home instead of commuting to work. Like many other workplaces, we severely restricted travel and have advised those who have recently travelled to self-isolate in line with the recommendations of public health officials.

Secure retirement income you can count on

It’s understandable to be concerned about how volatility in today’s markets is affecting your pension. We know that market turbulence and periods of low returns are possible, which is why we implemented an investment strategy that assists us to weather times like these. As long-term investors, our horizon is measured over decades rather than weeks or even years. Present circumstances are exactly why we focus on our Plan’s funded status rather than annual returns.

Defined benefit pension plans are based on a formula, not on the amount of money you have saved over your career that depends on day-to-day market fluctuations. Despite current circumstances, OPTrust is on a solid footing and positioned to provide our members with secure, predictable income in retirement for life.

Peter Lindley President and CEO

OPTrust Member Experience:
Monday-Thursday 8am – 6pm; Friday 8am – 5pm
Toronto calling area: (416) 681-6100
Toll-free within Canada: 1-800-637-0024