911 in Crisis – OPSEU/SEFPO ACO’s are worth more than 1%

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Over the years, Ontario’s Central Ambulance Communications Centres (CACCs) have faced dangerously low staffing levels causing critical 911 calls to be put on hold and leading to severe burnout amongst our members. Our field persistently experiences recruitment and retention issues and we constantly face a lack of support when it comes to our well-being and mental health as a result of the high-stress nature of our work.

That’s why we need to tell our politicians coming into this election that 911 services are in crisis!

We encourage all Ambulance Communications Officer (ACO) members to arrange a meeting with your Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and tell them that our issues must be heard and that their actions/inactions will matter when it comes to our decision at the polls in June. Be sure to request that your MPPs bring these issues forward at the legislature during the week of April 10 -16, which is National Public Safety Telecommunication Week.

Please be sure to utilize these helpful resources:

  1. Sample speaking notes to guide your conversations with MPPs.
  2. This virtual background to use during your meeting, if done virtually.

Flashing emergency light with the text: 911 in Crisis. When lives are on the line.

We also encourage everyone to connect and follow with our campaign social media:

Facebook Campaign Page:

Instagram: @911.in.crisis

Twitter: @OPSEUAmbDiv

#CACCinCrisis #ACOs

Thank you, not just for supporting your sector, but also for the tireless work you do helping our communities and keeping everyone safe.