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7500 members at the table: OPSEU Developmental services bargaining newsletter

Coordinated bargaining news for OPSEU Members from Sector 2, Developmental Services

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This year the majority of OPSEU developmental services workers will be bargaining new collective agreements across the province. Together, we can reverse the part-time trend, and fight for fair wages across the sector.

With the passing of the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017, workers will finally receive equal pay for equal work. Part-time workers, who outnumber fulltime employees in the sector must now be paid at the same rate under the law.

There is no more incentive for employers to create precarious, part-time work to save money.
Employers who try to change job descriptions to maintain different rates for part-time workers to get around legislation need to know that the public and workers won’t stand for it! It didn’t work for Tim Horton’s and it won’t work indevelopmental services.

We expect the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS), and employers to facilitate the implementation of Bill 148 and to:

  1. Strike a Central Bargaining Table to advance a labour force strategy that would improve wages, improve retention, standards and training in the field.
  2. Invest $55 million to cover changes to employment standards under Bill 148.
  3. Increase full-time jobs in the sector.
  4. Create a dedicated budget line for Pay Equity.
  5. Regulate the Passport program.

All units have filed notice to bargain:

  • Coordinated demands were voted on unanimously at the November Bargaining conference.
  • Bargaining units will: administer demand set surveys, meet to set demands, and elect
  • bargaining teams in the coming month.

Quick Facts

  • 75 % of OPSEU developmental services units have more part-time than full-time workers
  • 56 units will be in bargaining
  • 38 of those units have a common expiry date of March 31
  • The sector has faced chronicunderfunding to agency base budgets
  • In 2017 a $110-million class action lawsuit was launched against the Ontario government for failing to eliminate the years-long wait list for support services for adults with developmental disabilities

Don’t miss coordinated bargaining conference calls

February 12 at 5 p.m., February 26 at 12 p.m., March 5 at 5 p.m., March 19 at 12 p.m., April 3 at 5 p.m.

Take action on social media:

Tweet @HelenaJaczek and ask her to fund Bill 148 changes for developmental services
workers. Use these hashtags: #raisethebar, #onevoice, #DScentral, #it’sthelaw.