2024 OPS Unified Central Bargaining Conference Election Results

OPS Logo: Ontario Public Service. FPO Logo: Fonction publique de l'Ontario

We’re excited to share the results of the second part of the Bargaining Team election that took place Saturday, February 24, 2024 at the OPS (Ontario Public Service) Unified Central Bargaining Conference. This was a two-part process. The elections for the Regional Bargaining Team took place on February 10, 2024.

Electing the Bargaining Team marks the early stages of bargaining, which will begin in 2024. The OPS Unified Collective Agreement expires at the end of this year. We’re ready to ramp up the pressure and build on the historic arbitration award OPS Unified received.

Congratulations to everyone who has stepped up. Thanks to all who participated, those who stood for election and to our staff for seeing this process through. To those elected, we know you will represent our members well as we head into contract negotiations to bargain for the wages and working conditions you and your members deserve.

Election Results:


Team Member #1: Leslie Aiston, Local 446
Team Member #2: Philip Wilson, Local 704
1st Alternate: Paula Lavigne, Local 222
2nd Alternate: Christopher McConnell, Local 317
3rd Alternate: Matthew Higginson, Local 503
4th Alternate: Brandon Yohnicki, Local 102
5th Alternate: Vacant

Office Administration

Team Member #1: Teresa Stevens, Local 455
Team Member #2: Farhad Rahaman, Local 526
1st Alternate: Jessica O’Donnell, Local 605
2nd Alternate: Holly McPherson, Local 221
3rd Alternate: Patrick Davidson, Local 340
4th Alternate: Natalie D’Onofrio, Local 102
5th Alternate: Emilia Garstka, Local 736

Institutional and Health Care Representative

Team Member: Holly Sullivan, Local 154
1st Alternate: Novia Grant-Simon, Local 219
2nd Alternate: Alexandria Cockerell, Local 701
3rd Alternate: Heather Dargavel, Local 313

Technical/Operational/Maintenance Representative

Team Member: Chris Eckert, Local 584
1st Alternate: David Hall, Local 611
2nd Alternate: Alexander Miller, Local 317
3rd Alternate: Christopher Bierman, Local 434

Fixed Term Representative

Team Member: Constance Breen, Local 228
1st Alternate: Caitlyn Acheson, Local 453
2nd Alternate: Jaden Evans, Local 317
3rd Alternate: Vacant