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2019 BPS Conference elects new divisional executives

The BPS Conference and Divisional Meetings 2019 was held November 15-17. It ended with the election of new divisional executives, as follow.

BPS attendees were particularly enthusiastic this year.

Sector 1: Ambulance

Jamie Ramage was re-elected as chair of Sector 1.

James Ramage, Chair

Terry Baker, Vice-Chair

To be elected next Divex: Secretary/Treasurer

Mario Posteraro, Director 2 – Hamilton, Brant, Norfolk

Timothy Szumlanski, Director 3 – Peel, Guelph/Wellington, Halton

Cory Schepers, Director 4 – Simcoe, West Parry Sound and Grey Bruce

Joel Usher, Director 5 – Frontenac, Lennox/Addington, Northumberland and Kawartha

Darryl Taylor, Director 6 – Manitoulin Sudbury EMS, Temagami

Amanda Usher, Director 7 – Dispatch

Dave Doran, Health and Safety Rep

Janel Perron, Trustees

Christopher Gillis, Trustees

Sector 2: Developmental Services

Erin Smith-Rice, Chair

Stephen Woods, Vice-Chair 2a

Silvana Cacciatore, Vice-Chair 2b

Wendy Nield, Vice-Chair 2c

Scott Collins, Secretary/Treasurer

Kelly Nobert, Communications Rep

Megan Chidgey, Health and Safety Rep

Karen McKinnon, Bargaining Rep at Large

Darren Renaud, Trustee

Wayne Easterbrook, Trustee

Sector 3: Boards of Education

Sandra Cadeau, Chair

Bonnie Eddy, Vice-Chair

Susan Richarz, Secretary

Donna Caissie, Treasurer

Lise Orsini, Member at Large

Leslie Cassidy, Trustee

Bojana Stancic, Trustee

Sector 4: Children’s Aid Society

Chrissy Tremblay, Chair

Jody Carr-Allen, Vice-Chair

Mandi McNeil, Secretary/Treasurer

Andrew Harrigan, Member at Large

Brenda Malott, Bargaining Representative – Region 1

Dorian Whalen, Bargaining Representative – Region 2

Jody Carr-Allen, Bargaining Representative – Region 3

Christine Steer, Bargaining Representative – Region 4

Jane Kaija, Bargaining Representative – Region 6

Charlene Taylor Bruckman, Bargaining Representative – Region 7

Brenda Malott, Trustee

Denises Munro, Trustee

Sector 5: Community Agencies

President Thomas sits with Kareen Marshall, who was re-elected as chair of Sector 5.

Kareen Marshall, Chair

Leandra Louis, Vice-Chair

Cassie Anderson, Secretary/Treasurer

Mikeal Ahmad, Member at Large

Zarine Dordi, Trustee

Carolina G’Ala , Trustee

Sector 7: BPS Corrections

Jonathan Guider, Chair

Joe Davies, Vice-Chair

Assunta Patsiatzis, Secretary

Dave Farrugia, Treasurer

Jeff Tynes, Sector Steward

Ron Banaitis, Trustee

Samantha Fisher, Trustee

Sector 8: Long-Term Care

Joan Corradetti, Chair

Corrina Cadeau, Vice-Chair

Terri-Lyn Long, Secretary

Stephanie Lafleur, Treasurer

Elsa Roussel-Linton, Communications Co-ordinator

Julie Graham, Trustee

Melissa Keigher, Trustee

Sector 9: Universities

Kella Loschiavo, Chair

Rob Boulet, Vice-Chair

Trish Tavares, Secretary

Jennifer Marian Harrington, Treasurer

Nicole Bessette, Community Organizer

Anthony Fabiano, Communications Rep

Marcus Perrira, Trustee

Rachael Schaaf, Trustee

Sector 10: Hospital Professionals

Sara Jane Labelle, Chair

Sandra Jane Blancher, Vice-Chair

Betty Palmieri, Secretary

Brenda Allan, Treasurer

Jessica Timothy, Education and Communcations

Alana Long, Health & Safety Co-ordinator

Adrian-Alexandru Balojin, Job Security

Melissa Coenraad, Public Policy

Teresa Chafe, WSIB

Herve Cavanagh, Benefits

Peter W. Masters, Trustee

Carla Carubba, Trustee

Sector 11: Hospital Support

Georgia (Jill) McIllwraith, Chair

Jonathan Hopkins, Vice Chair

Roseanne Faubert, Secretary

Lisa Hovinga, Treasurer

John Vanderputten, Education and Communcations


Christine Marshall, Health and Safety Co-ordinator

Harjinder Sangha, Collective Bargaining

Debbie Blacksmith, Trustee

Lynn Mullen, Trustee

Entertainer Jully Black had them on their feet!

Sector 13: Municipalities

Tara Langford, Chair

Theresa O’Connor, Vice-Chair

Dwayne Ebbers, Secretary

Pamela Schmidt, Treasurer

Kerri Wells, Communications Representative

Sector 15: Children’s Treatment Centres

Rachelle Lacoste, Chair

Tannis McGinn, Vice-Chair

Deborah Gordon, Secretary

Michael Quinn, Treasurer

Laura O’Brien-Fargnoli, Member at Large

Karlie Chalmers, Trustee

Donnie Keay, Trustee

First Vice-President/Treasurer Almeida was also at the conference.

Sector 16: Municipal Property Assessor Corporation (MPAC)

Mark Hotte, Chair

David Lynch, Vice-Chair

Robert Fong, Treasurer

Paul Leslie, Sector Executive

Ian Magcale, Sector Executive

Russell Enns, Member at Large

Michelle Faber, Member at Large

Debbie Grigg, Pay Equity Committee

Robert Fong, Pay Equity Committee

Amanda Dirycz, Pay Equity Committee

Nicole Pyykonen, Pay Equity Committee

Michelle Faber, Pay Equity Committee

Debbie Grigg, Trustee

Jonathan Langille, Trustee

Sector 17: Community Health Care Professionals

Lucy Morton, Chair

Campbell Manson, Vice-Chair

Kate Anderson, Secretary

Elaine Giles, Treasurer

Morgen Veres, Membership Representative

Karen Gventer, Newsletter / Communications

Markus Andrew, Bargaining Representative

Anne-Marie Roy, Education Representative

Mimi Ngassam, Trustee

Sara Clarke, Trustee

Sector 18: Mental Health and Addictions

Edward Arvelin, Chair

Tischa Forster, Vice-Chair

Dustin Bayley, Secretary

Cynthia Caroline Ladouceur, Treasurer

Andrew Drake, Public Policy and Campaigns Co-ordinator

Maggie Wakeford, Membership Co-ordinator

Carol Mundley, Health and Safety Co-ordinator

Kurt Hale, Communications Co-ordinator

Julie Chambo, Bargaining Co-ordinator

Pete Sheehan, 1st Alternate

Jessica Dodge, 2nd Alternate

Mark Halabecki, 3rd Alternate

Yvonne Hinds, Trustee

Colleen Arvelin, Trustee

Sector 19: CBS and Diagnostics

Geoffrey Cain, Chair

Sarah Dupuis, Vice-Chair

Audrey Smith, Secretary

Jennifer Johnson, Treasurer

Gloria Blanchard, Member at Large (CBS)

Shah Nawaz, Member at Large (Diagnostic)

Jennifer Pinkos, Trustee

Susan Polkki, Trustee

Sector 26: Liquor Board Employees Division (LBED)

Colleen MacLeod, Chair

Jeremy Trainor, Vice-Chair

Tracy Vyfschaft, Secretary/Treasurer

Jamie Kensley, Chair, Anti-Privatization Committee

Shelly Robitaille, Chair, Benefits and Pensions Committee

Craig Hadley, Chair, Educations and Communications Committee

Debbie McGuinness, Chair, Health and Safety Committee

Colm Kieran, Trustee

Eileen Allen, Trustee