OPSEU Coalition of Racialized Workers

2016 Black History Award Winner!

Collage featuring two shots of an OPSEU member, one wearing a picket sign that says "Public Service Defender" along with the text: "Celebrating Black History Month 2016, What Does Black History Month Mean to You?"

The Workers of Colour Caucus is pleased to announce Kevin Wilson, member of Local 222, is the winner of the 2016 Black History Month competition. Kevin submitted the most original and inspiring entry to the question: "What does Black History Month mean to you?"  He wrote:

Black History Month means the opportunity to celebrate the contribution and impact that Black people have had on the world we all share through the arts, science, politics and education. Though these stories are often hidden, overlooked, denied or misrepresented –through malice or ignorance — their relevance is only made greater by their unjust obscurity.

But primarily, Black History Month means a call to action: What we as activists do today is the history that will inspire the next generation.

The Workers of Colour Caucus urges all members to reflect on the power of Kevin's words and to take up his call to action, not just in February but throughout the year!

Black History Month 2016 Poster Series

In honor of Black History and to promote human rights and equity, the Workers of Colour Caucus (WOCC) created a poster series about the significance of Black History Month. To download the featured posters:





Please also click here to see our page "Remember, Reflect and Take Action: Black History Month 2016" for  information about Black History Month.