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2014 CAAT-S Bargaining Bulletin, Issue 4

2014 CAAT-S Bargaining Bulletin Issue 4

Message from the Chair

Last week marked our third session of contract bargaining with representatives of the College Employers Council. In all, we have met face-to-face with college representatives on seven occasions with a possibility of 13 more days of talks this month and next before our collective agreement expires on Aug. 31.

On behalf of the bargaining team here is an update on what’s been happening in negotiations.

Currently, talks are progressing and there has been continuous movement at the table. There are still issues on the table that the team sees as concessions and we are working to remove these concessions and making gains elsewhere.

Given the pace being achieved at the table we expect to move to monetary proposals at our next round at the table, July 21—23.  A conciliator will join the talks on Aug. 12 following a joint request by the employer and OPSEU.  The conciliator's role is to assist both parties to reach an agreement. Your team is still cautiously optimistic judging by the pace at the table and by continuously reviewing our strategy.

If you have any questions, please email us caatsbargainingteam2014@opseu.org

In Solidarity

Florry Foster

Eat chocolate. Stay informed!

CAAT Support regional mobilizers are currently criss-crossing the province to keep everyone informed on the status of contract talks and to ensure that all avenues of communications are open with more than 8,000 college support workers.

But to communicate we need your contact information.

That’s why when mobilizers visit your college campuses they will be bearing sweet gifts of chocolate! They’ll be leaving behind these special delights as a way of saying ‘Thank You!’ for your help in keeping everyone connected during the bargaining process.

Look for your mobilizer or local OPSEU college rep to get yourself a tasty hunk of chocolate when they come around collecting contact information. It’s all part of the effort to keep everyone ‘in-the-loop!’

Call OPSEU Resource Centre at 1-888-268-7376 or 416-443-8888 to update your contact information

Follow us on Twitter @caatsupport  and @caatsoutien

Like us on Facebook CAATsupportstaff

Be sure to regularly visit opseu.org

Bargaining schedule

Formal bargaining between your team and the College Employer Council started June 10 and will continue throughout the summer. All talks are being held in Toronto. Here is the complete schedule of upcoming bargaining:

June 10 – 11 
June 19 – 20
July 8 – 9 – 10
July 22 – 23 – 24
August 12 – 13 – 14
August 25 – 31 [contract expires]

Your 2014 Bargaining Team

Florry Foster, Chair (Local 137,St. Clair)
Richard Belleau, Vice Chair (Local 731, Confederation)
Rasho Donchev (Local 559, Centennial)
Dan Brisson (Local 672, Boreal)
Deborah Cooper (Local 563, Humber)
Janice Hagan (Local 561, Seneca)
Kathy Hokum (Local 351, Fleming)

Your 2014 Bargaining Bulletin is authorized for distribution by:

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President, OPSEU

Florry Foster, Chair, CAAT-Support Bargaining Team

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