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2014 CAAT-A Bargaining Bulletin, Issue 6

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Faculty Workload

Changes in our workplace have resulted in increased faculty work. It is time for our Collective Agreement language to recognize our actual workload. Your Bargaining Team is negotiating improvements that will better document the work we do to provide quality education.

Full-Time Professors and Instructors

With new modes of delivery such as online and hybrid teaching, it is crucial to recognize the actual preparation time required for a course, particularly when delivery methods change.

New technology and increasingly diverse student needs have resulted in more time being spent on administrative tasks and out-of-classroom assistance. Both have had a significant impact on workload.

Our current collective agreement does not guarantee additional assistance or time to all faculty who have a large total number of students. This needs to change.

Teachers, as the experts, must be able to determine the teaching methodology and evaluation methods, subject to external accreditation and program requirements.


The work demands of coordinators are often poorly defined, and coordinators rarely receive sufficient time to complete these tasks. The Bargaining Team is working to ensure that all the coordinator duties are recognized and accurately reflected on the SWF.

Partial-Load Professors and Instructors

Partial-Load faculty teach seven to twelve hours per week and are members of the bargaining unit. Your Bargaining Team is negotiating for improved language that will better recognize and document partial-load workload. Showing the actual hours worked will also assist them when applying for Employment Insurance (EI).


Counsellors require time to complete session notes and other functions complementary to their professional role. Appropriate breaks between appointments are also essential to maintain effective interactions with students.

As the experts, Counsellors must be allowed to use their professional judgement to determine the approach and duration of counselling for the diverse students that they counsel.

When Counsellors teach, the time allocated must follow the same formula as Professors and Instructors.


The workload of Librarians needs to be clearly defined and discussed with their managers. As the experts, Librarians must also be allowed to use their judgement in initiating activities consistent with their professional role.

When they teach, the time allocated to Librarians must follow the same formula as Professors and Instructors.

Getting to a Deal

Our current contract expires on August 31, 2014. We're serious about negotiating an improved contract on time. If that doesn't happen, we have to be ready.

In solidarity,
the CAAT-A Bargaining Team:

David Fasciano

Bargaining Team Chair,
Local 673, Collège Boréal

Lynn Dee Eason
Bargaining Team Vice-Chair,
Local 613, Sault College

Darryl Bedford
Local 110, Fanshawe College

Jonathan Singer
Local 560, Seneca College

Lana-Lee Hardacre
Local 237, Conestoga College

Audrey Taves
Local 562, Humber College

Bert Dubé
Local 732, Confederation College

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