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2014 CAAT-A Bargaining Bulletin, Issue 5

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Bargaining for Partial Load Faculty

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The major bargaining issues affect both Partial-Load and Full-Time faculty – we really are in this together.

The Faculty Bargaining Team teleconference on June 11 focused on the specific needs for Partial-Load faculty at the bargaining table:

  • Improved job security to provide stability and predictability from one contract to the next

  • Improved access to full-time positions

  • Recognition of – and compensation for – the actual work being performed

  • Faster movement up the partial-load salary grid

  • Ownership of the teaching materials created by Partial-Load Faculty

A Partial-Load faculty member teaches 7 to 12 hours per week on contract, and is in our bargaining unit, unlike Part-Time and Sessional faculty.

Strike Vote on August 28, 2014

Our goal is a settlement before the current contract expires on August 31 to provide stability for students and faculty. A strong strike mandate on August 28 will pressure the employer’s bargaining team to negotiate, and will prevent them from unilaterally imposing working conditions as they did in 2009.

We recognize many partial-load employees may not be able to vote, owing to the intermittent nature of their contracts with the employer.

OPSEU is exploring possibilities for including all faculty in the vote. Whatever happens, the voice of all members will be heard when the time comes for ratifying a new contract.

In solidarity, the CAAT-A Bargaining Team

David Fasciano
Bargaining Team Chair,
Local 673, Collège Boréal

Lynn Dee Eason
Bargaining Team Vice-Chair,
Local 613, Sault College

Darryl Bedford
Local 110, Fanshawe College

Jonathan Singer
Local 560, Seneca College

Lana-Lee Hardacre
Local 237, Conestoga College

Audrey Taves
Local 562, Humber College

Bert Dubé
Local 732, Confederation College

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Warren (Smokey) Thomas
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David Fasciano
Chair, CAAT-A Bargaining Team