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2014 CAAT-A Bargaining Bulletin, Issue 1

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Want to improve your College?

Our working conditions are determined by the Collective Agreement between the employer and us. As Union members, we can initiate necessary changes to our basic working conditions by making proposals for the next Collective Agreement. What’s working and not working at our Colleges? What do you need added or changed to help you provide a quality education for your students? Faculty proposals could improve salary, benefits, workload, job security – virtually anything except pensions and our workplace legislation (neither of which are negotiated exclusively between the employer and our Union).

The Collective Agreement will expire on August 31, 2014. Now is our opportunity to make improvements in College workplaces across the province.

How do faculty proposals get to the negotiating table?

Step 1: Provincial Membership Survey

You will have your first opportunity to inform the Bargaining Team of your priorities by completing a survey that is being sent to all members. The survey will identify common issues throughout the province. The results will be compiled and shared by Bargaining Team members at Local demand-setting meetings.

Step 2: Local Demand-Setting Meeting

Each College Local will have its own demand-setting meeting with Bargaining Team representation. There, faculty will propose and vote for specific changes to the Collective Agreement, in order to improve our working conditions. Only proposals made by individual faculty members and passed by their Union Local at these meetings will be considered at the provincial demand-setting meeting.

Step 3: Provincial Demand-Setting Meeting

On March 22/23, the elected delegates from every College Local will meet to vote on and rank the demands submitted by the Locals. Once this is complete, the Bargaining Team will advance our provincially-supported, focused set of demands at the table.

The Bargaining Team’s time is June.
Your time is now.
Make your voice heard.

Key Dates

January – February 2014

Your Local demand-setting meeting will take place. This is your chance to contribute and vote on proposals, and interact directly with the Bargaining Team.

March 2014

March 22/23 – Provincial Demand-Setting Meeting

April – May 2014

Provincially approved demands put into contract language, bargaining agenda set, and strategy developed by the Bargaining Team.

June – August 2014

June 2 is the earliest possible date to give notice to bargain.

The Collective Agreement expires August 31 at midnight.


In Solidarity, The CAAT-A Bargaining Team

  • David Fasciano, Bargaining Team Chair, Local 673, Collège Boréal

  • Lynn Dee Eason, Bargaining Team Vice-Chair, Local 613, Sault College

  • Darryl Bedford, Local 110, Fanshawe College

  • Jonathan Singer, Local 560, Seneca College

  • Lana-Lee Hardacre, Local 237, Conestoga College

  • Audrey Taves, Local 562, Humber College

  • Bert Dubé, Local 732,Confederation College

You can contact your Bargaining Team at Bargaining2014@gmail.com

CAAT-A Faculty Pre-Bargaining Survey

The links below will take you to the CAAT-A Faculty Pre-Bargaining Survey, a province-wide survey.

Please click on the link you prefer for an English or French version of the survey, then complete the short survey to make your voice heard.

English Survey:

French Survey:

Your bargaining team will collate the data and bring it to local demand-setting meetings.

Please complete the survey by January 20, 2014.

Thank you,
Your 2014 Bargaining Team.

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