OPSEU Liquor Board Employees Division

2013 Collective Bargaining: News Alert Issue #8: Liquor board employees welcome tentative contract deal with LCBO

LBED Bargaining Bulletin Issue 8

The union representing more than 7,000 unionized LCBO employees says it welcomes the tentative contract it has negotiated with the Crown-owned retail giant.


“These were very tough negotiations,” said Warren (Smokey) Thomas, president of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) which represents liquor board employees across the province.

“But I’m pleased to announce that, our bargaining team is satisfied with the tentative contract agreement reached with the LCBO and will now take it for a vote with the membership. Did we get everything we were asking for? No. Did the LCBO get everything they were demanding of our members? No.”

Details of the tentative agreement will not be released until after liquor board employees have had the opportunity to study its contents and conduct a ratification vote.

Denise Davis, chair of the union’s bargaining team, said she believes the tentative deal will meet the expectations of her members.

“Our members were demanding in what they expected from a new contract. I believe we have met many of those expectations and we are recommending that our members endorse this tentative settlement.”

Bargaining News Alert is authorized for distribution by Denise Davis and Warren (Smokey) Thomas