Update on the CBS Summer Solidarity events: Workers who grill together – stand together!

Dear members,

We’re reaching out to provide an update on the CBS bargaining process and to follow up on the summer solidarity events!

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who participated and helped organise the provincial Summer Solidarity events on Wednesday, August 9. The events held across the province were a resounding success, clearly showcasing our unity and determination. Your involvement sends a powerful message to your employer that workers who grill together — stand together!

Check out the photo album!



We turned up the heat together this summer – now let’s turn up the heat for fair wages and respect! 🔥🔥

Your support and solidarity is crucial as your Central Support Bargaining Team returns to the bargaining table next week on August 22 and 23.

In addition, the Local 619 Sudbury NCC Bargaining team met with the employer on August 16, while the Professional Unit Bargaining team will have their next day at the table on September 14.

We’re in the middle of a cost of living crisis that’s making life harder and more costly for all of us. It’s imperative that our contract reflects the respect we deserve and our wages match the value of our work. Your bargaining team is fully prepared to fight for a contract that acknowledges our worth.

In Solidarity,

  • Geoff Cain (Local 160): Bargaining Team Chair
  • Jennifer Johnson (Local 5103): Bargaining Team Vice-Chair
  • Alberto Alvaro (Local 200)
  • Alexis Victoria (Local 210)
  • Brent MacPherson (Local 477)