We are OPSEU

We are OPSEU

Bold, strong, fearless.
Proud of our past 
Prepared for our future
Where innovation meets creativity
And democracy and decency steer our debate
155,000 strong
Founded on the principle of fairness
Guided by equity and social justice
Shaped by the need to change
Agile, responsive and always ahead of the curve
Afraid of nothing and no one
Accomplishing what others can only dream of
We are in our communities
On our streets
And in the halls of power
Where we are known by name
We don't start fights
But we do finish them
We don't look for conflict
But we don't shy away from it either
We touch lives
From registering birth 
To finalizing death
And everything in between
We keep our communities safe
We shape minds young and not so young
We care for the poor and the infirmed
We give voice to the powerless
And we make sure the doctor isn't guessing
We don't accept change that brings harm
But we always adopt to the need to change
We lead by example
We march to solidarity
And where there is no justice
There will be no peace.  
We are the change
The catalyst for justice
We are OPSEU. 



Custodians: Keeping schools clean and safe for students

Custodians from OPSEU/SEFPO Sector 3 (education workers) keep schools clean and inspect playground equipment to…

Maintenance workers: Keeping our schools in good repair

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ABA Workers: Helping students learn in an integrated classroom

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Child and Youth Workers: Ensuring all students have a voice

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An interpreter helps two students

Sector 3’s interpreters and intervenors: helping to make connections

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School IT worker

Information technologists: leading the way forward

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Ride-along EA greets student at school bus

Ride-along EAs: ensuring students get where they’re going – every time

Ride-along educational assistants are the onboard angels who watch over kids with care needs or…

Office and clerical staff: the glue that holds our schools together

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Lunch monitors: watching out for students' safety

Students need to be protected whenever they’re at school – and that includes lunch. Our…

ESL/LINC/Citizenship instructors: helping New Canadians integrate into their community

Many ESL (English as a second language), LINC (Language instruction for newcomers to Canada) and…

Early childhood educators – giving kids a great start!

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Educational assistants – supporting kids in so many ways!

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2021: OPSEU/SEFPO Staff Celebration

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"I am more than" Provincial Women's Committee Conference illustration

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Indigenous person playing music. STAFF: Diversity, inclusion, equity

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation 2021

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