New podcast! The ‘S’ Word

Neon megaphone and clenched fist with the caption 'The S Word,'

New podcast! The ‘S’ Word

Welcome to The ‘S’ Word, the new podcast from the Provincial Young Workers Committee (PYC).

The ‘S’ Word dives into issues faced by young workers across Ontario, Canada and throughout the global labour movement.

We’re building a safe space for young people to speak out and share experiences from across the labour movement!

Topics will include fighting against systemic barriers, organizing strategies, union engagement, increased and prolonged precarious work, dangerous and unlawful labour laws, collective bargaining, anti-racism, gender and of course — solidarity! Let’s create a community that empowers us to be stronger activists, and advocates for ourselves and each other. Solidarity!

Producer: Emilia Garstka Host: Meagan Christou PYC Chair: Taylor McIntosh

You can listen to the first episode through a variety of Podcast services: