DON’T VOTE song – #sarcasm

DON’T VOTE song – #sarcasm

Indie band Arms of the Girl rocks Don't Vote anthem. #sarcasm

Includes lyrics to the song.

Are you bored with all the old guys on the TV screen?
Popularity contests that don't mean a thing?
I bet they've never even thought about you and me

While we're struggling and trying to keep our lives afloat
They seem more concerned about their numbers in the polls
Do you think it's really something that we can control?

So maybe you should run with scissors
Take your clothes off and dance in a blizzard
Put a fork in a socket and watch your mind be blown
And don't vote.

You've got things that keep you up at night and make you sweat
You've got rent and food and bills to pay, tuition debt
Are the politicians ever gonna fix your stress?

So maybe you should run with scissors
Take your clothes off and dance in a blizzard
Go and jump off a bridge because everyone said so
And don't vote.

It's getting just too hard to care
You try your best but get nowhere
No motivation you can see
It's easiest just to fall into apathy

So maybe you should run with scissors
Take your clothes off and dance in a blizzard
Put a fork in a socket and watch your mind be blown
And maybe you should microwave metal
Eat a handful of snow when it's yellow
And just keep on complaining
But then don't bother changing
And decide that your best plan
Is to bury your head in the sand

And don't vote.



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