Budget 2023: We need to invest in people, not profits

Budget 2023: We need to invest in people, not profits


Doug Ford’s budget is more goodies for his buddies. Meanwhile, working people are left struggling with slashed paid sick days, wage constraints, understaffing, and layoffs. This budget is about manufacturing a crisis, not fixing it. #onpoli #ontario #ontariobudget2023 #onlab #dougford #labour #union #fyp #solidarity #opseu #ThrowbackThursday #TBT


It’s been a week since the Ford government unveiled their budget.

Really, it’s just a classic Conservative shell game. These guys are talking about – this is the largest budget ever, but they don’t talk about how they’ve been stripping money out for years.

They don’t talk about the money that’s going up through Bill 60 into private clinics in order to make sure that our public healthcare system is gutted.

They’re not talking about the $780-million tax cuts that they gave to corporations and their buddies. The only thing they’re manufacturing in this budget is a crisis.

It’s a crisis that hits public services.

It’s a crisis in healthcare.

It’s a crisis in education, and we should all be terrified about what this budget means.

Workers across Ontario are struggling to pay the bills, to get groceries to make sure that their families are supported.

We need to invest in people, not profits.



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