THank you. The work you do has never been more important to Ontario

You are the lifeblood of LifeLabs

You aren’t just the lifeblood of LifeLabs – you are the lifeblood of Ontario’s entire health care system.

You deserve respect.

Instead, you’re stuck with bad bosses.

They don’t just pay you badly. They treat you badly.

  • Refuse to give you annual raises and lump sum payments
  • Cut your health plan and sick time
  • Make you raise your hand to go to the bathroom
  • Police your private conversations on break and at lunch
  • Use “SWAT” teams to keep you divided and vulnerable

Most health care workers don’t have to put up with any of that.

You deserve respect. You deserve better.

And when you join together with your colleagues, you’ll have the strength to demand:

✓ Better Wages

✓ Better Working Conditions

✓ Better Benefits

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Charlie Brown and Lucy comic - To keep them non union just promise to pay them ore and then don't Charlie Brown!"

What happened to the Top 10 CEO promises?

Two years ago, your co-workers in Simcoe decided to join together in OPSEU.

To stop you from doing the same, LifeLabs made a lot of promises. Ten to be exact.

How have those promises stacked up against the gains made by your unionized co-workers? (Spoiler alert: it’s not good!)

Promise made
: Improve Kronos to make it more fair and accurate, with a grace period at your start time, and the ability to work late. 

Promise betrayed! You still don’t have a fair grace period – extra time at the end of the shift isn’t counted.

Promise made:
Accurate shift premiums

Promise betrayed! Your premium shifts are shorter times than in Simcoe. And you’re paid far less for premium hours than in Simcoe.

Promise made:
Annual lump sums

Promise betrayed! None in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2020.These lump sums have been removed and not reinstated. Your wages do not make up for your lost lump sums. Simcoe workers recently received retro pay of up to $3,500.

Promise made:
Improve Benefits

Promise betrayed! LifeLabs just hiked the cost of your benefits plan by 34 per cent, with NO improvements. In other words, you pay more for less. In Simcoe, your co-workers have a real say in any changes.

Promise made:
Proper Employee Status

Promise betrayed! Many who consistently work full-time hours are still treated like part-timers. And many who consistently work part-time hours are still treated as casuals.

Promise made:
Internal Hiring Process Transparency

Promise betrayed! “Manager’s pets” are still being promoted over people with more seniority. In Simcoe, promotions are fair and transparent. Seniority is the tie breaker if all other factors are equal.

Promise made:
Improve communication 

Promise betrayed! Communication from senior leaders is worse than ever. The new CEO is rarely on-site. You asked for a voice, but are silenced by huddles and supervisors.

Promise made:
Consistent management policies

Promise betrayed! Managers still make decisions on a whim that are against policies, procedures, and SOPs. In Simcoe, managers must abide by policies and procedures that are spelled out clearly in their legally binding collective agreement.

Promise made:
Fair performance reviews

Promise betrayed! Managers still make performance reviews on a whim. In Simcoe, reviews are clear and transparent. The unionized workers can disagree with these assessments, and the assessments do not account against the employee. 

Promise made:
No changes to sick time

Promise betrayed! Your potentially unlimited sick time has been cut.

Sign up with OPSEU right now by pushing this button: It’s fast, easy, and confidential:

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