You’re losing sick days

You’re losing sick days

LifeLabs worker
LifeLabs worker

Flu season is upon us, and it might be a rough one for you and your coworkers: LifeLabs is taking away your sick-day plan.

What does that mean? It means you could easily lose many days of pay if you get sick.

Until now, you’ve had a potentially unlimited number of paid sick days. But LifeLabs is cutting that back to just eight days if you’re part-time and just 12 days if you’re full-time. After that, you’ll have to take five days of unpaid leave while waiting for short-term disability to kick in. (And remember, short-term disability only provides you 70 per cent of your pay.)

It’s important to note: the sick-days cut only applies to LifeLabs workers who HAVE NOT joined a union. Your unionized co-workers in Barrie still have an unlimited number of sick days. Why? Because their collective agreement protected them from the sick-day cuts you’re being forced to take.

A collective agreement would protect you from other kinds of cuts, too. Like cuts to your pay or your vacation.

The work you do is incredibly valuable. Our entire health care system depends on it. But it’s clear: without coming together in a strong union like OPSEU, LifeLabs is going to take unfair advantage of you at every turn.

We understand the pressure you’re under. We understand that LifeLabs has made it clear they will punish anybody who shows an interest in joining a union.

But we’re here to help.

If you’d like to sign an OPSEU card – or even just ask us more questions about OPSEU or the process of forming a union to stand up for yourself and the value of the work you do – please send us a text or email from your personal account. We guarantee discretion.