Union Dues

Union Dues

Union Dues poster.
Union Dues poster.

OPSEU membership comes with dues that are among the lowest in North America. We do more for you – for less. Our dues are 1.375% of your gross salary. There are no initiation fees, dues are tax deductible and you do not pay any union dues until you have bargained your first collective agreement.

The simple math, for every $1000.00 you earn your dues are just $13.75.

A small price to pay and here’s what you get in return:

  • Have your pay reflect your skills, experience and contributions
  • Improved benefits
  • Greater job security
  • Protections from being fired without just cause
  • Ensure a safer and healthier workplace
  • Allows you more say in the shifts and days you work including more flexibility in changing shifts.
  • Protections from discrimination, harassment and violence
  • Provide fairness and transparency in hiring and promotions

In addition, OPSEU members also enjoy the following attractive discounts and special rates

  • OPSEU Group, Home, Auto and Travel Insurance
  • Baka Wireless and Bell Mobility (significantly reduced mobile devices and exclusive rate plans)
  • Personal Liability Insurance ($1,000,000.00 for as low as $30.00)
  • Park’n Fly Discounts
  • Ontario Science Centre Discounts
  • Fallsview Indoor Water Park Special Packages
  • Via Rail Discounts
  • Royal Ontario Museum Discounts
  • Toronto FC Discount Tickets

Dues Structure

OPSEU dues are calculated at 1.375 per cent of all wage income, wage allowances and lump sum payments. The chart attached shows weekly OPSEU union dues calculated at $10 intervals. Dues are completely tax deductible.

Find out more:

Patti Markland
Organizing Representative
Cell: 416-802-8121 or 1-800-268-7376 ext. 5150

facebook: Kingston Healthcare – OPSEU’s Got Your Back

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