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Trust in a proven track record

Trust in a proven track record

A smiling middle-aged Black female nuuse
A smiling middle-aged Black female nuuse

Experience matters

OPSEU represents the largest number of allied health professionals across Ontario; that’s because the majority of allied health professionals choose to be members of OPSEU. With more than 25,000 members at 90 hospitals across the province, OPSEU has the history, experience and resources to back you up.

We not only have expert negotiators and researchers; we also have the infrastructure to support allied health professionals. The Hospital Professionals Division (HPD) provides strength, structure, and influence for the voices of allied health professionals, both within the union and beyond.

Bargaining history

Our bargaining track record speaks for itself. Since the first hospital professionals joined in the 1960s, OPSEU has produced landmark settlements for hospital professionals across Ontario, achieving substantial wage increases and mature central contract language.

For 48 years, we’ve been dedicated to representing the specific interests of allied health professionals. We advocate for improved health care funding because we know that improved staffing levels and working conditions are critical for our members on the front lines.

Central bargaining

OPSEU is THE LEADER in negotiating excellent wages and benefits for allied health professionals in Ontario. ONLY OPSEU participates in central bargaining for allied health professionals, and this means that, in round after round of bargaining, we’ve successfully negotiated better contracts and better working conditions. We set the bar, and continually raise the bar for allied health professionals.

While ONA prides itself on being a union “for nurses, by nurses,” we work to unite our disciplines, not create divisions between categories of allied professionals.

When you look at ONA’s arbitrations over the past few years, the language is clear every time: OPSEU sets the standard for wages in bargaining for allied health professionals. OPSEU is THE comparator, and ONA follows. Arbitrators have arbitrated this time and time again, and ONA has relied on OPSEU to do the bargaining work for allied health professionals and then play catch-up for its select few bargaining units.

To put this into perspective, ONA has seven hospital bargaining units with allied health professionals. OPSEU has 90. OPSEU has more bargaining power.

Why wait?

With OPSEU, you are entitled to industry leading wages right away, without wasting your time “catching up.”

OPSEU negotiates retroactively

Because of the central bargaining process, OPSEU negotiates contracts more efficiently, and perhaps more importantly, we negotiate retroactivity. That means our members don’t lose pay or benefit increases during the negotiation stage.

This cannot be said of ONA. ONA’s second contract at Lakeridge Health took three and a half years to get an arbitration award with NO RETROACTIVITY. All premium increases were delayed until after the contract expired and wage increases were delayed by 2 years and ten months. ONA members lost three years and 5 months of wages compared to their OPSEU counterparts.

No matter who is chosen as the representing union, a new contract will have to be negotiated. That’s why it’s so important to remember that you are voting for a bargaining agent, not a contract.

Choose the union that has strength at the bargaining table – and beyond. Choose OPSEU.

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