Starter Kit: How to lobby your MPP

Starter Kit: How to lobby your MPP

Together to Win - Uniting for a Fair Ontario - OPSEU
Together to Win - Uniting for a Fair Ontario - OPSEU

Lobbying a Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) is something anyone can do! Lobbying simply means sharing your concerns with the politicians who represent you, and holding them accountable to do something about them.

Lobbying also reminds politicians that they work for us, and that their actions on the issues we care about will directly affect their future chances at re-election. It’s your MPP’s job to listen to you – their constituent.

Download your lobbying starter kit now!

OPSEU has put together a starter kit to help everyone feel comfortable talking to their MPP. Here are some tools to get you started:

How to lobby your MPP (PDF available at the link)
This is an intro guide to lobbying, including nine easy steps that will make you an expert lobbyist!

Building your talking points: Worksheet (PDF)
This is a form that you can print off and fill out with your personalized talking points before visiting your MPP. Bring it with you to guide your discussion and take notes.

Sample letter to your PC MPP (PDF)
This is a template you can use to write to your PC MPP. Customize it as you see fit and send your MPP a letter or email!

Let’s get lobbying!

There is no more important time than now to lobby your MPP. Don’t feel like it’s useless to lobby a PC MPP. Pressuring Doug Ford’s backbenchers and ministers in their own backyards is worthwhile, both in the streets and in their constituency offices.