Regret signing a CSN card?

Regret signing a CSN card?

Regret signing a CSN card? Corrections Bargaining Unit Logo
Regret signing a CSN card? Corrections Bargaining Unit Logo

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Coercion. Harassment. Badgering. Misrepresentation.

This is what we’ve been hearing about from OPSEU/SEFPO corrections members who felt pressured into signing an OACE-AECO-CSN card.

  • Maybe a CSN recruiter won’t stop bugging you about joining CSN while you’re on the clock.
  • Maybe you signed a card just to get them off your back.
  • Maybe you were asked to “sign for” free CSN swag or a free food voucher without realizing what you were signing.
  • Maybe you’re friends with a CSN supporter and you felt like you had to sign.

Or, maybe you just didn’t have all the facts when you signed, but now you’ve changed your mind.

Let us know.

We won’t identify you to your coworkers or to CSN recruiters in your workplace.

No judgement here. If you’ve signed a CSN card and regret it, get in touch with us. We’re glad you want to stick with OPSEU/SEFPO.

  1. Send an email (using your personal email address) to OPSEU/SEFPO representative Phil Pollard at
  2. Please include the following text in your email:I have signed an OACE-AECO-CSN card, but I have changed my mind. Please inform the OLRB that I do not want OACE-AECO-CSN to use my card in any certification proceedings.
  3. Please sign your email with your full name, address, phone number and work location.

If you felt pressured into signing a card, any additional information you can give us about what happened will help us prevent CSN recruiters from using coercive tactics in the workplace with others who haven’t signed a card yet.

Together, we can defeat this CSN raid.