OPSEU: the union of choice for Registered Practical Nurses

OPSEU: the union of choice for Registered Practical Nurses

OPSEU: the union of choice for registered practical nuuses. Choose OPSEU poster.
OPSEU: the union of choice for registered practical nuuses. Choose OPSEU poster.

To our members, OPSEU is “home” for RPNs. OPSEU represents RPNs working across sectors including: community hospitals, community health care, mental health, long-term care, developmental services and in correctional facilities.

OPSEU RPNs are working on the frontlines at the heart of our health care system and our public service sector, more broadly.

So, why is OPSEU home for RPNs?

OPSEU’s RPN Occupational Division

OPSEU’s RPN Occupational Division was established to strengthen the voice of RPNs within OPSEU, their workplaces, and within the province of Ontario; to bring together members with common occupational interests, and to advance the demands of RPNs in every sector they work in.

OPSEU’s RPN Occupational Division is formal branch of the union, with its own funding, professional staff, and elected leadership. We continue to grow as a leading voice for RPNs.

OPSEU’s RPN Occupational Division:

  • identifies, coordinates, and promotes the scope of practice and professional responsibilities of RPNs within OPSEU and provincially;
  • develops and promotes demands for bargaining, health and safety, and workload issues;
  • promotes and advocates for RPNs through policy, resolutions and constitutional amendments;
  • develops and builds communication links and networks for RPNs.

OPSEU works to defend RPNs

OPSEU recognizes that all nurses have a vitally important role to play in providing excellent care, and that working together as a team is in the best interest of patients.

OPSEU has repeatedly stood up to the bullying tactics of the RNAO, in their concerted campaign to push the government to replace RPNs with Registered Nurses (RNs) across the province. To read OPSEU’s full response, visit: http://opseu.org/news/rnao-gunning-registered-practical-nurses-opseu

OPSEU’s got Professional Liability Insurance for RPNs

OPSEU’s got personal Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) that is specifically designed to meet the requirements set out by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) – at a remarkable low cost (premiums start at $30/year).

In addition to our PLI, we have a legal department that deals with complaints made to the CNO, and supports members through these processes. OPSEU’s coverage is designed to meet Bill 179 Professional Liability requirements for regulated health professions. Our policy is written on a primary basis, and there are NO DEDUCTIBLES. OPSEU’s plan also has a number of extensions, so that you’re covered for more than just medical malpractice.

On the horizon

OPSEU’s RPN Occupational Division has a number of activities on the horizon. This spring the Division will launch an interactive RPN Tele-Town Hall and educational Webinar Series. Stay tuned for more info, and to join in!

For service, accountability and strength, choose OPSEU. OPSEU’s got your back.

Service. Accountability. Strength.

Find out more:

Patti Markland
Organizing Representative
Cell: 416-802-8121 or
1-800-268-7376 ext. 5150

facebook: Kingston Healthcare – OPSEU’s Got Your Back

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