OPSEU fights hard for facilities staff

OPSEU fights hard for facilities staff

OPSEU fights hard for facilities staff poster.
OPSEU fights hard for facilities staff poster.

Facilities staff make our hospitals work; you keep it safe, clean and most importantly, you keep everything running smoothly. You’re committed and dedicated, and you deserve a union that is committed and dedicated to YOU, and to fighting for your best interests.

With OPSEU, you can expect better service, more accountability and the strength of a union that’s always got your back.

On May 16 – 18, choose change, by choosing OPSEU.

Here are some highlights:

  • Carriage rights mean you own your grievance
  • You know your workplace best, that’s why facilities staff represented by OPSEU negotiate their entire collective agreement directly with the employer
  • Legal assistance and professional staff support
  • Great service for affordable dues (among the lowest in North America)
  • Strong local bylaws and audit reporting system ensure accountability
  • Strong central union that covers the majority of member expenses
  • Democratic structure where members steer the ship
  • A union that provides unparalleled educational opportunities and courses
  • A Hospital Support Sector that brings members and locals together

Find out more:

Patti Markland
Organizing Representative
Cell: 416-802-8121 or
1-800-268-7376 ext. 5150

facebook: Kingston Healthcare – OPSEU’s Got Your Back

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