Off the job, not out of the fight!

Off the job, not out of the fight!


For some people, retirement can be a very stressful time. Leaving your workplace, colleagues and friends, adjusting to a new routine or no schedule at all, can be quite emotionally challenging. For others, it’s a time of pursuing hobbies, travelling or spending more time with family.

The OPSEU/SEFPO Retired Members Division (RMD) is here to help your retiring members through this next stage in their life. We can help if they need someone to talk to about pension, benefits or any other post-working concerns.

We are an invaluable resource to the union as our years of dedication and activism have given us experience gained from doing battle with those who would try and strip our rights away. As we no longer answer to an employer, we can speak a lot more truth to power!

In each region we are led by an elected committee of three or more members, including Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary or Treasurer and Members at Large. Each region decides their own leadership under OPSEU/SEFPO’s constitution.

Our activities

Meetings: RMD members meet in each of OPSEU/SEFPO’s regions twice per year. Expenses are covered, we have a light lunch and usually some sort of guest speaker or activity. Guest speakers can include:

  • Politicians, discussing concerns in their ridings with us, their constituents.
  • Ontario Health Coalition representatives, advocating for quality public health care for older Ontarians as well as people in long term care homes and retirement homes.
  • Police and fire safety community liaisons, informing our membership on topics ranging from current scams, to how to keep our homes or apartments safe as we age.

Communications and outreach: We publish a magazine, Autumn View, with articles of interest to seniors and union folk alike, including meeting dates and an In Memorial page. We attempt to get this magazine mailed out at least twice per year. We publish issues on the union’s website and also have provincial and some regional Facebook pages.

Political and workplace action: We also play a role in political activities of the union, attending conventions, helping on strike or information picket lines or taking part in lobby days. We can help fill a bus headed to a demonstration at Queens Park or at an MPP’s office in the region. We help organize BBQs for events like Labour Day or regional picnics. Affiliation to other labour and retiree organizations is another of our Division’s benefits.

How your local can support the Retired Members Division – and how we can support you!

  1. Please sign up your retiring members to the RMD, if they so desire, by filling out the application found on the OPSEU/SEFPO website and paying the ten dollar lifetime membership fee. This fee can be deducted from your local dues rebate.
  2. We hope you will support your retirees by covering some of their expenses while doing activist work. Your local could make a donation to your regional RMD to help out with the work they do. You could also cover this in your local bylaws to ensure that retiree activists are properly supported.
  3. Most importantly: never hesitate to reach out to your retired members and the RMD when you need help with any of the heavy lifting. There is a wealth of union knowledge and experience ready and waiting to be put to work!