Provincial Francophone Committee Terms of Reference

Provincial Francophone Committee Terms of Reference


Article 1 – Name

The Committee shall be known as the Provincial Francophone Committee of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU).

Article 2 – Aims and Purpose

The function of the Committee shall be:

  • to assist in establishing regional francophone committees/caucuses;
  • to develop and promote programs or events to encourage francophone workers to participate in union activities; and
  • to increase awareness and understanding of issues affecting francophone and related equity issues throughout the membership.
  • to promote equity of status and use of Canada’s two official languages while respecting their linguistic and cultural differences.

Article 3 – Membership

3.1 The committee shall consist of seven (7) members representing the seven (7) regions of the Union and shall be elected at Regional meetings held every two (2) years.

3.2 Those who self-identify as francophone and are members in good standing shall be eligible to act as representatives. 

3.3 One (1) OPSEU Executive Board Member and one Officer from the Equity Unit may offer support to the Committee.  The Executive Board liaison and Equity Unit Officer may attend Committee meetings with voice but no vote.  It is understood that participation of all others is by invitation only.

3.4 Alternates shall not attend meetings.  However in the event the elected member resigns, the alternate will assume the position of the regional representative.

Article 4 – Elected Positions of the Committee

4.1 Elected positions of the committee shall be elected in accordance with OPSEU’s constitution.  Such elections shall be:

  • conducted by an Officer of the Equity Unit,
  • conducted by secret ballot,
  • announced in advance, and
  • recorded in meeting minutes that are forwarded to the Equity Unit.

4.2 A Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary shall be elected from members of the committee;

4.3 The Committee shall elect a member to be their representative inother affiliated unions or Committees as follows:

  • other committees that may be deemed necessary

This does not remove the ultimate right of the President’s Office to appoint someone of their choosing to the above-mentioned Committees. 

4.4 The Chair shall:

  • set up and coordinate meetings throughout the year;
  • ensure participation, follow-up and communication of all members between meetings;
  • develop the agenda for all committee meetings.The Order of Business will be consistent with the OPSEU Constitution, and the agenda will be sent to the members in advance;
  • preside as Chairperson at all committee meetings;
  • act as the official spokesperson for the committee within the union, examples include:
    • attending All Chairs Meetings
    • participating in planning the annual Joint Leadership Day held in September
    • participate in planning the “Gathering”
  • perform other duties as may be deemed necessary by the committee.

4.5 The Vice-Chair shall:

  • In the absence of the Chair, assume the responsibilities of the office of the chair.
  • In addition, perform other duties as may be deemed necessary from time to time.

4.6 The Secretary shall:

  • Be responsible for recording the details of the meeting electronically, including all financial decisions made and specific action items for follow up; and
  • send the minutes to the Committee for approval. Once approved, the secretary shall forward the minutes, via email, to the Equity Unit Secretary and the assigned Officer no later than fifteen (15) days after the meeting

4.7 The Treasurer shall:

  • monitor the expenses of the Committee by tallying estimated expenses at every meeting;
  • reconcile their records with the quarterly reports provided by OPSEU; and
  • follow up on any discrepancies with the assistance of staff, the Accounting Unit and anyone else deemed necessary.

Article 5 – Finance

5.1 The activities of the Committee shall be funded centrally by the Union, as approved in the budget by the Annual Convention.

5.2 A quarterly budget report of actual expenses compared to the approved budget shall be provided to the Chair of the Committee by the assigned Officer of the Equity Unit.

5.3 To support the Committee budget submission, an annual report shall be provided to the Executive Board by the Chair of the Committee.

5.4 It is understood that expenses and payments will only be processed by OPSEU when they are:

  • supported by the majority of the Committee
  • recorded in minutes that have been forwarded to the assigned Officer
  • in accordance with the general policies of OPSEU

Article 6 – Meetings

6.1 The Committee shall meet a minimum of four (4) times a year and with two (2) being via web/tele conference.

6.2 Quorums for meetings of the Committee shall be a simple majority (four of seven) of the Committee members.

6.3 Committee decisions can be made using e-mail confirmation between meetings.  Motions are moved and seconded.  Members will then vote on the motion and requires a majority of the vote.  Quorum must be confirmed.  The results will be forwarded to the appropriate Equity Officer and/or Equity Unit.  

Article 7 – Approval and Amendment of Terms of Reference

7.1 The terms of reference shall be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote at a meeting of the Committee.

7.2 Any subsequent amendments to the Terms of Reference shall be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote at a meeting of the Committee.