Know your defined benefit pension plan — book a HOOPP workshop!

Know your defined benefit pension plan — book a HOOPP workshop!


Do you know what it means to have a defined benefit (DB) pension plan?

The Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) is offering a workshop on defined benefit plans — how they work, and how they benefit plan members and all Canadians. The 30-45 minute workshop, for OPSEU members in HOOPP, can be delivered anywhere in the province.

In the workshop, you will learn:

  • how your HOOPP pension can help secure your retirement
  • why DB plans are the most efficient and effective way to save for retirement
  • how DB plans help prevent senior poverty and reduce strain on taxpayers
  • how DB plans help support the economy — especially local communities

After attending the workshop, you will:

  • understand how your HOOPP pension fits into your retirement planning
  • be able to debunk common myths about DB plans
  • be able to explain the key benefits of DB plans for all Canadians
  • know why it’s important to stay informed and speak up on pension issues

You will also have the opportunity to sign up to join a community of over 4,000 "DB Ambassadors" and stay informed about important pension and retirement issues facing all Canadians.


If you are interested in hosting and/or attending a session for your local, please speak to your local’s executive members (e.g. president, vice president etc.). If there is interest, the local president can speak to their OPSEU staff representative to arrange a session. Workshops generally range from 30-45 minutes in length. Light refreshments are provided.