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About the Disability Rights Caucus

About the Disability Rights Caucus


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Who We Are

The Disability Rights Caucus includes up to ten OPSEU members from throughout the Province who are committed to network, advocate, educate and increase the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.  The Caucus deisres that its membership reflect a wide range of disabilities, both visible and non-visible.

What We Do

The function of the Disability Rights Caucus is:

  • to provide a safe and healthy space for members of the Disability Rights Caucus to discuss their issues and develop strategies to address the issues.
  • to increase awareness and understanding of equity issues as they relate to individuals with disabilities and to liaise with the respective Provincial Committees.
  • to identify barriers and denied rights that prohibit full participation of persons with disabilities within OPSEU and the broader society.
  • to present recommendations to the Provincial Committees or to Departments of OPSEU for action and/or referral to the Executive Board on issues related to barriers and rights that effect individuals with disabilities within OPSEU, the workplace and the broader society.
  • to liaise with OPSEU members with a disability as defined under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

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