Talking Points for Visits to MPPs

MPP Name:


Name of OPSEU member visiting MPP: 

Name of person coordinating lobbying efforts: 

Please create your talking points in the spaces below ahead of time. These talking points and questions will help guide your discussion with your MPP.  Bring a pad of paper and pen with you to take notes at the meeting.

Introduce yourself and the work you do.

  1. My name is (insert name here). I live / work in your riding. I’m here as an OPSEU member, and I’m here to talk to you about
  2. I’m concerned about the Ontario government’s actions on this issue:
    (describe government actions)
  3. This is how this issue affects me
    (either personally or at work or both):

Can we count on your support?

  1. Ask MPP: What is your position on this issue?
    (Write down MPP’s response here).
  2. Ask MPP: These are the actions I am asking you to take on this issue. Will you commit to taking these specific actions on the issue? 
    (Fill out ahead of time: List the actions you want them to take here.)
  3. Ask MPP: What action are you going to take on this issue?
    (Write down MPP’s response here)

List specific commentments made by MPP if different than above:

“Thank you for taking time to discuss this issue with me.”

Note: After the meeting, please fill out an “OPSEU Lobby Report Form” and return it to whomever is coordinating lobbying efforts in your region. The form is available at

Publication Date: 

Friday, June 21, 2019 - 4:30pm