Strike vote information for PDSB education workers: Local 2100

Strike vote information for PDSB education workers: Local 2100

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We’re holding an online strike vote on November 28, 29 and 30!

Every OPSEU/SEFPO Local 2100 member is eligible to vote, including permanent, casual and LTO staff.

An overwhelming YES vote will send a strong message to the employer that you and your co-workers are ready to strike if necessary for:

  • Better workloads and supports
  • Higher wages
  • Respect

This is our moment to show the PDSB that we won’t back down until we get what we deserve! Talk to your colleagues, shop stewards and your bargaining committee to give each other strength and build our unity. Together, we have the power to win!

Vote YES!

The Peel District School board (PDSB) isn’t moving in negotiations. They are refusing to give education workers the respect they deserve. It’s time to show them that we are all united and prepared to fight!

In order to vote, we need your email address!

All voting will take place online by secret ballot. A Canadian company named Simply Voting will email you a link with your unique ID and PIN and instructions on how to vote on their secure, confidential platform.

In order to send you an online ballot, we must have your correct email address. If you haven’t already done so recently, please click here to update your contact information.

Why are we taking a strike vote?

We’ve heard your concerns loud and clear at the Town Hall meeting on October 12. We’re fighting for better health and safety measures to address violence in classrooms, better staff-to-student ratios to address the workload crisis, and better wages – especially during a cost-of-living crisis.

After six months of negotiations, the PDSB has not moved on our key demands. The Labour Board has set a conciliation date for December 5th.

Walking into that meeting with a strong strike vote will send a message to the employer that we’re in this to win it!

Does this mean we’re going on strike?

A successful strike vote doesn’t mean that we are automatically going on strike. It simply gives the bargaining team the ability to call a strike later on in bargaining, as a last resort.

Why should I vote YES?

Without a strong strike mandate, the PDSB will continue to ignore the workload crisis and violence at work.

A YES vote will give your team the ability to return to the bargaining table with the full strength of the membership behind them. We hope that this would give us the final push we need to be able to make progress on issues like wages.

That’s why, on November 28-30, we need everyone to vote YES in favour of taking strike action if necessary, and send a strong message to our employer. By standing together, we can win!

Questions or concerns?