Section D – Budget 2022 – Convention 2022

Section D – Budget 2022 – Convention 2022


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On behalf of the Executive Board, it’s my great pleasure to present OPSEU/SEFPO’s 2022 budget.

Our budget was prepared in the fall of 2021, in the midst of the COVID pandemic. It was debated and approved by the Executive Board in November. As we know from the last two years, things do not always play out as planned. As COVID restrictions continued into the first quarter of 2022, some events occurred virtually. But for the most part, this budget was prepared assuming a return to in person meetings.

It has been a long time since we have been able to meet and debate in person. I am thrilled that I will have the opportunity and the privilege to present this budget to the delegates at this year’s convention which will occur as a hybrid meeting for the first time ever.

Due to the restrictions over the last two years, OPSEU/SEFPO has seen significant savings. This, combined with our continued growth, has led to consecutive years of surpluses. As you are aware, we used these surpluses to give back to the membership as well as invest in our future.

Some of these initiatives include increasing the payments to the hardship committees, bolstering funding for local bookoffs, giving our locals additional quarterly rebate payments and additional funds for local communications. We also looked at investments that will reap future benefits for our membership, such as increasing the Debt Retirement Fund payments and setting aside funds for our unfunded liabilities. We have now fully funded our liabilities in the Education Fund and the Local funds held in trust.

As we have mentioned, OPSEU/SEFPO purchased 3 new properties in the last few years; 155 Lesmill Rd in Toronto, 363 York St in Sudbury and our new training and educational facility in Dorset. While the initial plan was to have these funds repaid over 15 years, with the support of the Executive Board, we have now fully paid for the purchase of these buildings. These buildings are all assets in our growing Strike Fund and have no debt associated with them!

Our consolidated budget surplus for 2022 is $4,098,076. This is based on total revenues of over $128 million for the year.

Our departmental expenses are budgeted to be just over $69 million for the year. Throughout this pandemic, our staff continued to work hard, supporting the over 180,000 members of this great union. This includes the cost of staffing, as well as operating our Regional Offices throughout the province.

Members’ expenses are budgeted at just over $44 million for the year. This includes

$11 million paid directly to the locals as quarterly rebates. In addition, there is over

$3.5 million set aside for time off for local presidents and other members to conduct the business of the Union. Members are the lifeblood of this Union and we must continue to supporting your needs.

We have also set aside over $3.6 million for bargaining. The HPD Central agreement expired March 31st and the CAAT-S full time members will go into bargaining, as their collective agreement expires August 31st. This is in addition to the hundreds of BPS locals that are in bargaining this year.

We are also heading into a provincial election this summer. This is always a busy time for OPSEU/SEFPO as we mobilize our members to get out and vote for a government that will support our front line workers that drive this province. The pandemic highlighted how vital our members work is. Our members, and public services, are the backbone of this province and we will not let that go unnoticed.

As restrictions continue to ease, our members will be out in full force, lobbying the government at Queens Park and at the constituency offices… both before and after the election. We have set aside a $4.5 million contingency fund that can be used for these activities and other campaigns and programs approved by the Executive Board.

Our capital expenditures this year will focus on renovating our buildings throughout the province. I have received a lot of positive feedback about the new training centre in Dorset. While we still have renovations that need to be done, I can’t wait to host events at this new facility in the future.

In all, I believe that we have once again presented an excellent budget. COVID has changed many things. But one thing it hasn’t changed is my commitment to ensure that every dollar spent is value added. And that every dues dollar always puts our members and our organization first.

Thank you for your continued work. Thank you for your commitment to our great Union. Stay safe and stay healthy.

In solidarity,

Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida

OPSEU First Vice-President/Treasurer


General Operating Fund
Net Revenue $ 121,975,500
Departmental Expenses 69,303,704
Members’ Expenses 44,794,706
Board Expenses 1,250,900
Other Costs                                                                    6,742,250
Total Expenses     (122,091,560)
General Operating Fund Deficit   $          (116,060)
Strike Fund
Net Revenue $      7,875,000
155 Lesmill Repayment 500,000
Transfer of Investment Income (1,000,000)
Expenses (3,000,000)
Strike Fund Surplus   $      4,375,000
Education Fund
Net Revenue $      1,909,500
Regional Education 1,577,000
Central Education                                                                          493,364 (2,070,364)
Education Fund Deficit   $          (160,864)
Defence Fund
Net Revenue $         200,000
Expenses (200,000)
Defence Fund Surplus   $                –     
Consolidated Operating Budget Surplus   $   4,098,076



Dues Revenue

Broader Public Service $      68,000,000
Ontario Public Service 33,000,000
CAAT – Academic 16,500,000
CAAT – Support           10,000,000
Total Dues Revenue 127,500,000
Other Revenue
Interest and Other Revenue 560,000
OPS IT permit fees                750,000
Total Revenue 128,810,000
Transfers to other Funds:
– Strike Fund (6,375,000)
– Education Fund (1,909,500)
– Defence Fund               (200,000)
Total Transfers (8,484,500)
Transfers from other Funds:
– investment income from strike fund 1,000,000
– contribution from LBED Anti-Privatization 650,000
Net Revenue (General Fund)



Sources of Revenue

CAAT – Support              Other 8%                        1%

CAAT – Academic







OPS 26%

   $ 121,975,500








Broader Public Service



While our dues rate has remained at 1.375% since 2001, dues revenue has
increased through continued membership growth and wage growth.
Despite the governments ongoing focus on expense management, OPSEU/SEFPO
members have negotiated wage increases that continue to be among the best in
the province.
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, OPSEU/SEFPO has been successful in
protecting our members’ jobs and maintaining them on payroll. We have also
pushed for proper PPE and have been strong advocates for the health and safety of
our members.
These successes highlight the benefits of being part of a strong union are only a
few of the reasons members continue to choose OPSEU/SEFPO in organizing drives.
OPSEU/SEFPO continues to organize new members and our dues revenue is
reflective of that growth. In June 2020, OPSEU/SEFPO merged with the Educational
Resource Facilitators of Peel, adding approximately 3,700 full time and part time
members. This is one of our many successful organizing drives.
In addition to the ERFP merger, OPSEU/SEFPO organized an additional 1,139
members in 2020 and 1,003 members in 2021




Membership Growth











BPS                                      OPS                                   CAAT-A                                CAAT-S

2019              2020              2021


President’s Office $        1,865,728
First Vice President’s Office 655,103
Legal Services 8,826,788
Employee Relations 9,816,941
Financial Services 13,565,534
Communications 8,984,078
Local Services – Bargaining 6,210,079
Local Services – Operations 20,379,452
Administrative Savings (1,000,000)
  $          69,303,704

The Presidents’ office has 6 permanent staff plus the President. The Presidents’

office is responsible for the oversight of the department Administrators.
The First Vice-Presidents’ office has 2 permanent staff plus the First Vice-President.
The First Vice-Presidents’ office is responsible for the financial reporting of the Union.
In addition, the Financial Services department reports directly to the First Vice-President.
The Legal Services department is OPSEU/SEFPO’s in house legal counsel. This area also
has responsibility for the Grievance and Arbitration Unit, the Health and Safety unit and
Pension & Benefits unit.
The Employee Relations department is responsible for internal HR issues including
staff training and benefits.
The Financial Services department provides many of the internal support services
within OPSEU/SEFPO. These include; Accounting and Payroll, Information Services unit,
Membership Services, Conferences and Travel, Print Shop and Building Services units.
This department reports to the First Vice President/Treasurer.
The Communications department run the Campaigns, Member Education, Equity
and Organizing units.
Local Services – Bargaining includes the Negotiations staff and Research unit.
Local Services – Operations is our largest department and is responsible for the staff
in our 19 Regional Offices






Financial Services 19%






Employee Relations 14%







tment Breakdown

Communications 13%

Local Services – Bargaining




Local Services – Regions




Vice President’s                       President’s Office Office                                3%




Salary and Payroll costs


$        48,640,988

Staff and related costs 3,722,054
Administrative costs 1,110,909
Organizational costs 16,829,753
Administrative savings (1,000,000)
  $        69,303,704




Organizational costs 24%


Administrative costs






Staff and related

costs                                                                                                              Salary and Payroll

5%                                                                                                                          costs





Salary and payroll costs represent 69% of total departmental budgets. These include

the wages, pension and benefit costs for all permanent and temporary staff.
Staff and related costs represent 5% of departmental budgets. These are expenses
that are incurred by staff in performing their duties and would include such expenses
as vehicle and travel costs, meeting room and accommodation costs, cell phone and other
miscellaneous expenses.
Administrative costs represent 2% of departmental budgets and include costs such
as supplies, photocopy charges, telephones, postage and equipment maintenance
Organizational costs represent 24% of the departmental budgets. These are expenses
that cannot be allocated to a specific department; however benefit the entire organization.
These include the operating costs of our Head Office and Regional offices, our IT network
infrastructure, audit and insurance expenses, contractual severance and retiree benefits.
NOTE: The Collective Agreement with our staff union (OPSSU) expired March 9th, 2022
There has been no wage or benefit increases included in this budget.




Affiliation Costs                                                          $ 4,584,417

Convention/Regional Meetings                                                4,021,250

Legal Expenses                                               8,115,000

Payments to Locals                                                                           14,870,000

Negotiations Costs                                                     3,675,000

Divisional Meetings                                                   730,000

Sector Committee Meetings                                                1,518,700

Equity Committee Meeting                                                    541,000

Campaigns and Programs                                               6,287,639

Other Members’ Expenses                                                  451,700

  $         44,794,706


Members’ expenses support members and their activities. The largest expense is the payment of the quarterly rebates to the locals. These funds are used by the locals to run their activities. Locals must complete a Trustees’ Audit Report detailing their expenditures every 6 months. Locals that are in arrears 2 Trustee Audit Reports will have their rebates withheld.

Legal expenses support members in their grievances and other legal matters.

The budget for campaigns and programs does not include any campaigns which arise during the year. These unbudgeted campaigns are approved by the Executive Board from the Contingency Fund.

Other member expenses include the costs of holding conferences and sending delegates to conventions, regional, divisional and sector meetings.














Affiliation Costs

Affiliation dues
NUPGE $           2,550,000
OFL 680,400
CLC 758,400
CAUT                  78,000 $       4,066,800
Conventions and Committees
NUPGE Convention 400,000
CLC Convention
Committees                117,617             517,617
Total Affiliation Costs   $     4,584,417
NUPGE dues is set at 2% of OPSEU/SEFPO dues revenue
OPSEU/SEFPO pays dues to the CLC based $0.79 per member per month.
OPSEU/SEFPO’s affiliation to the CLC is based on 80,000 members, bringing
the annual dues to $720,000.
OPSEU/SEFPO pays dues to the OFL based on $0.63 per member per month.
OPSEU/SEFPO’s affiliation to the OFL is based on 90,000 members, bringing
the annual dues to $680,400

Convention/Regional meetings

Delegates $       1,750,000
Staff 125,500
Committees 45,750
Other 1,500,000
Regional Meetings 600,000
  $     4,021,250

Legal Expenses

Collective Bargaining $          405,000
Organizing 310,000
Grievance 6,780,000
Membership Benefits 195,000
Other Legal Expenses 425,000
  $     8,115,000



Payments to Locals

Local Rebates $     11,000,000
Area Council Dues 25,000
Labour Council Dues 150,000
Local Time Off Fund (80/20) 750,000
Local President Book Off 2,900,000
Northern Lights Fund 18,000
Other Local Expenses 27,000
  $ 14,870,000

Payments to Locals


20                                                                                                   $14.87









2019                  2020                  2021           2022 budget




On a quarterly basis, Locals will receive $31 per member for the

first 50 members and $14 per member for the remaining members.
The minimum rebate remains at $500 per quarter.
In 2020 and 2021 additional rebate payments were made to Locals
as OPSEU/SEFPO was in a surplus position.
Locals with more than 750 members and composite locals with
more than 650 members are eligible to have their president
(or designate) booked off full time, with wages covered centrally.
As per policy, locals utilizing this book-off will have their rebates
reduced by 10% of the wages and benefits covered by OPSEU/SEFPO
Locals that have negotiated a 10% or greater percentage payment
towards a full time book off will not have their rebates reduced in
regards to this.
The Local Time Off Fund allows locals to book off members to do
the work of the local. OPSEU/SEFPO will contribute a maximum of
$28 per member in good standing, with the Local contributing $7
Since the beginning of the pandemic, the 20% contributed by the
Locals has been waived and OPSEU/SEFPO has paid the full amount.



Negotiation Costs

OPS $       745,000
CAAT – Academic 50,000
CAAT – Support 200,000
Broader Public Service 2,240,000
Mobilizing            440,000
  $ 3,675,000

Negotiation Costs










2019             2020             2021      2022 budget



During 2020 and 2021 bargaining costs decreased substantially. Due to COVID

restrictions, meetings were held virtually, which resulted in much lower costs for
travel, accommodations and time of f.
For 2022, the budget has been prepared assuming a return to more in person
The HPD Central Agreement expired March 31st, and the CAAT-S Collective
Agreement expires August 31st.
The CAAT-A Collective Agreement expired September 2021. After months of
bargaining, there is still n o agreem ent.
This is in addition to all the smaller BPS contracts that need to be bargained.
Divisional Meetings
OPS $       475,000
CAAT Academic 100,000
CAAT Support            155,000
  $     730,000



Committee Meetings

Ontario Public Service $        398,000
CAAT- Academic 142,000
CAAT- Support 140,000
CAAT Joint 39,700
Broader Public Service 724,000
BPS All Chairs              75,000
  $ 1,518,700

































Sector Meetings










OPS                                 BPS                                CAAT


Provincial Women’s Committee 62,000
Provincial Human Rights Committee 62,000
Young Workers Committee 62,000
Francophone Committee 62,000
Rainbow Alliance 62,000
Disability Caucus 62,000
Coalition of Racialized Workers 62,000
Indigenous Circle 82,000
Equity Chairs              25,000
  $      541,000













Equity Groups









2019              2020              2021                      2022 budget


Campaigns and Programs
Campaigns and Board Approvals
CPAC Provincial Election campaign 250,000
HPD Lobby Day & Constituency week 150,000
Human Rights Conference 160,000
Indigenous Conference 90,000
Political Action Committee 100,000
National Indigenous Day 24,500
International Youth Day 180,000
Racialized Workers Conference 182,000
Retirees Conference 95,000
Social Mapping Project 200,000
OHC Sponsorship and Campaign 100,000
LBED Ad Campaign 650,000
Francophone Conference 104,000
Women’s Conference 215,000
Other          382,863 $     2,883,363
Annual Programs
Membership Centres $ 1,559,500
MDT Assignments 500,000
Regional Hardship Funds 295,000
Social Justice Funding 164,315
Promoting the Union Agenda (PUA) 221,995
CLC Labour College 100,000
Accommodation Policy 95,000
Pride Day Activities 52,000
Equity Gathering 82,872
Canadian Labour Institute 60,000
Campaigns 75,000
OPSEU/SEFPO Accessibility Fund 10,000
Labour Day Parade 36,594
Caribana Activities 42,000
In Solidarity 60,000
All Pension Appointees 10,000
Joint Leadership day 35,000
Communications Incentive Fund              5,000 $     3,404,276
$ 6,287,639
Other Members’ Expenses
Grievance $     393,000
Job Security 8,000
Membership benefits and other          50,700
$       451,700





Board Meetings $          230,000
Officers Meetings 31,000
Regional Activities 471,600
General Board Activities 381,300
Staff Negotiations 25,000
Board Committees 112,000

  $     1,250,900


The Executive Board has 8 regularly scheduled two day meetings, and one 1 day meeting prior to convention.

The Officers have 9 one day meetings scheduled

In an effort to reduce costs, the Executive Board passed a motion that 2 Board meetings and 6 Officer meetings will be held by

web conference

During the pandemic, the Executive Board and Officer meetings have been held virtually.

The budget has been prepared based on a return regular in person meetings

Board Expenses












2019               2020               2021               2022





Regional Activities
















2019             2020             2021             2022





Budget Actual



Contingency Fund


$    4,500,000

Debt Repayment Fund 500,000
Training & Education Centre 500,000
Organizing Initiatives 1,000,000
Solidarity Reserve 75,000
Donations 167,250
  $ 6,742,250

The Union is continuously faced with changing and unforeseen challenges

throughout the year. The Contingency Fund expenditures are approved by the
Executive Board and/or Officers for various campaigns, programs and
projects that may be approved during the year.
By policy, the fund is set at 1% of the net General Fund revenue and is
reduced by the $200,000 contributed to the Defence Fund. For 2022,
the Contingency Fund was increased to $4,500,000 in order to provide
additional funds and allow OPSEU to respond to the changing political climate.
In 2021, the contingency fund budget was set at $5 million due to the uncertainty
around the pandemic and what campaign activities could be carried out. As you
can see, we were well below budget in 2021.
For 2022, we again set the contingency fund high, at $4.5 million, as we are
seeing a return to normal activities. With the provincial election coming up, we
need to be ready to take action and have the funds available to support our











2019                   2020




cy Fund







Actua 2021             2022 budget







Budget Forecast
Identified Capital:
Information Services – Hardware upgrades $        200,000 $         225,000
Information Services – Software and Licensing            300,000             320,000
Sub-total           500,000            545,000
General Capital: 190,000 185,000
Building Renovations:
100 Lesmill Rd (Toronto) 500,000 250,000
824 John Counter Blvd (Kingston) 75,000 50,000
Training and Education Centre (Dorset) 3,000,000 1,000,000
155 Lesmill Rd (Toronto) 1,500,000 250,000
31 Wellesley (Toronto) 200,000 100,000
5757 Coopers Ave (Mississauga) 50,000 50,000
363 York St (Sudbury) 500,000 500,000
76 Coldwater St (Orillia) 125,000 50,000
2285 Hwy 20 East (Fonthill) 150,000 50,000
326 Memorial Ave (Thunder Bay)            125,000               50,000
Sub-total          6,225,000           2,350,000
Total Capital Expenditures   $   6,915,000   $    3,080,000

In 2022, our IT unit will continue to upgrade our IT infrastructure to deal with

aging equipment and new technologies.
General capital requirements are related to maintaining our existing operating
Renovations at the OPSEU/SEFPO head office continue into 2022. These
renovations are aimed at refreshing our building and improving accessibility.
In 2019, OPSEU/SEFPO purchased a building at 155 Lesmill Rd. This location is
now operational and can be used for membership meetings. Ongoing costs relate
to a building addition on the site.
In 2020, OPSEU/SEFPO purchased a building in Sudbury that will be the home of
the new Sudbury Regional Office and Membership Centre. This building requires
renovations in order to make it suitable for our purposes.
In 2021, OPSEU/SEFPO purchased land and buildings in Dorset to be used as a
training and education centre. The buildings on the site require renovations to
bring them up to current standards and address accessibility issues.
Most of the other buildings will require general upkeep and renovations.
The Executive board passed a motion that all OPSEU/SEFPO buildings implement
a policy on branding. This includes electronic signage that incorporates messaging
at all our locations.




Dues Transfer $              6,375,000
Investment Income                1,500,000 $      7,875,000
Transfer from General Fund (Training Centre) $         500,000
Transfer to General Fund (investments) (1,000,000)
Depreciation                3,000,000       (3,000,000)
Operating Surplus   $        4,375,000

5% of the total dues revenue received is transferred to the Strike Fund

  As a result of our strong financial results in 2021, OPSEU/SEFPO was in a surplus
position. We used funds from this surplus to make additional contributions
to the Strike Fund and pay off the remaining purchase price of our buildings.
Therefore, the $500,000 transfer included in the budget is no longer necessary.
  The Strike Fund owns several OPSEU/SEFPO buildings and has no debt.
  The Strike Fund includes cash and investments valued at over $43 million.
These investments are invested in a mixture of money market, fixed income
and equity investments, which are professionally managed.


Growth of Strike Fund










2014     2015     2016     2017     2018     2019      2020     2021


Following a large strike in 2017, the strike fund has been steadily building

and now has a net surplus of over $80 million for the first time ever!
   This budget includes a $1 million transfer of investment income to the General
Fund. Similar transfers have been approved by Convention each year since 2011.
This transfer will only be made if OPSEU/SEFPO is in a deficit position.
  OPSEU/SEFPO does not budget for the cost of any strikes. If strikes occur during
the year, this will impact the budgeted surplus.



Dues Transfer


$ 1,909,500

Regional Education Expenses
Region 1 $      172,000
Region 2 281,000
Region 3 237,000
Region 4 240,000
Region 5 355,000
Region 6 162,000
Region 7         130,000 (1,577,000)
Central Education Expenses
Orientation for New Presidents 161,864
Local Editor’s Conference 115,000
Train the trainer 78,000
Educational/Promotional Material 30,000
Anti- Harassment Training 40,000
Pension Trustee Training 13,500
OPSEU/SEFPO Scholarship Fund 17,000
French translation of materials            38,000      (493,364)
Operating Deficit   $    (160,864)


There is no policy which determines how much of the dues revenue is

transferred to the Education Fund.
Per past practice, 75% of the Education Fund transfer is allocated to Regional
Educations. For 2022 this amount was increased slightly to keep it in line
with the 2021 budget. Regional Educations are organized by each region as
determined by their Executive Board members.
Any Regional Education funds that are unspent in a particular year are carried
forward to subsequent years. These amounts are in addition to the amounts
budgeted above.
Due to COVID restrictions, many planned regional educations could not occur in
2020 or 2021. This resulted in a large increase to the carry forward amounts
available. The carry forward amounts are as follows:
Region 1:   $                322,450
Region 2:                     537,135
Region 3:                     395,582
Region 4:                     582,008
Region 5:                     596,392
Region 6:                     427,703
Region 7:                      273,031
Total:                 $3,134,301








General Fund
Opening Fund Balance, January 1, 2022 $   (49,296,262)
Budgeted deficit, 2022 (116,060)
Non-operating expense (post employment) (5,000,000)
Forecasted Deficit
$   (54,412,322)



Strike Fund
Opening Fund Balance, January 1, 2022 $    80,867,782
Budgeted surplus, 2022 4,375,000
Forecasted Surplus
$    85,242,782



Education Fund
Opening Fund Balance, January 1, 2022 $      3,055,987
Budgeted deficit, 2022 (160,864)
Forecasted Surplus
$      2,895,123



Defence Fund
Opening Fund Balance, January 1, 2022 $         (25,113)
Budgeted surplus, 2022
Forecasted Surplus
$         (25,113)




Consolidated Surplus

$      33,700,470


General Operating Fund
Net Revenue $ 125,658,750
Departmental Expenses 70,689,778
Members’ Expenses 46,138,547
Board Expenses 1,225,900
Other Costs                            3,742,250 (121,796,476)
General Operating Fund Surplus   $      3,862,274
Strike Operating Fund
Net Revenue $      7,566,250
Expenses (2,000,000)
Strike Operating Fund Surplus   $      5,566,250
Education Fund
Net Revenue $      1,900,000
Regional Education 2,000,000
Central Education                                                          425,000 (2,425,000)
Education Operating Fund Deficit   $           (525,000)
Defence Fund
Net Revenue $         200,000
Expenses             (200,000)
Defence Operating Fund Surplus   $                 –     
Consolidated Operating Budget Surplus   $    8,903,524
Note: The amounts reflected in the 2022 Forecast include as estimate of revenue based on inflation and projected membership growth; an increase in expenses based on expected inflation and any known additional costs.