OPSEU/SEFPO and the Participating Hospitals Items in Agreement – May 12, 2022

OPSEU/SEFPO and the Participating Hospitals Items in Agreement – May 12, 2022

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Housekeeping #4 

Add new Pharmacy Technician wage grid to the central wage rates in accordance with Diane Gee’s arbitration award dated January 6, 2020. 


Amend Article 7.03 as follows: 

  1. When faced with occupational health and safety decisions, the Hospital will not await full scientific or absolute certainty before taking reasonable action(s) including but not limited to, providing readily accessible personal protective equipment that reduces risk and protects workers. 


Amend Article 7.04 as follows: 

  1. (a)  A worker who is required by the Hospital to wear or use any protective clothing, equipment or device shall be instructed and trained in its care, use and limitations before wearing or using it for the first time and at regular intervals thereafter and the worker shall participate in such instruction and training. The Hospital shall ensure that the personal protective clothing, equipment, or device it provides will be maintained in good condition. 


(b) Hospitals will ensure adequate stocks of the N95 respirator or equivalent or better (or such other personal protective equipment as the parties may in writing agree) to be made available to workers at short notice in the event that there are reasonable indications of the emergence of a pandemic, epidemic or outbreak of an infectious disease in the community served by the Hospital. 


Amend Article 7.07(d) as follows: 

7.07 Joint Health and Safety Committee 


(d)  The Hospital agrees to co-operate in providing necessary information to enable the Committee to fulfil its functions. In addition, the Hospital will provide the Committee with access to the Hospital’s pandemic plan and related risk assessment(s), all accident reports, health and safety records, notifications of exposure to an infectious or contagious disease, and any other pertinent information in its possession. The Hospital will also provide the Committee