Region 1 Retired Members Meeting Minutes: October 9, 2019 – Windsor

Region 1 Retired Members Meeting Minutes: October 9, 2019 – Windsor


Spring 2020

OPSEU Region One Retirees Meeting of 09 Oct 2019, Windsor Region One Office, 130-3005 Marentette Ave, Windsor, ON, N8X 4G1

Meeting commenced at 10:30 a.m.

1.0    Statement of Respect read by Chair, Brian Sharp

2.0    Statement of Aboriginal Land Awareness read by Chair

3.0    Moment of Silence for brother Bob Petrie who passed

4.0    Adoption of Agenda

Motion to adopt: Ben Mcbride

Seconded: Ernie Kunka


5.0    Adoption of Minutes

Motion to Adopt: Helen McCabe

Seconded: Ross Langill


6.0    Business Arising from Minutes

-Ross Langill and Evelyn Anger

-Re: Lifetime Retirees

-Regional Board Members put forth Activist’s names from each region to be chosen as Lifetime Retirees

-graduated list from oldest to youngest

-resolution WILL be put forth at the next convention

7.0    Executive Board Members Reports

-Len Elliott, Regional Vice President

-Thanked us for inviting him

-Ron Eliott “Officially Retired” from OPSEU

-thanked him for 30 years of hard work

-he’s home, teaching himself to relax

-Protecting Plans

-guaranteed raises

-June 2020’s Agenda

-getting rid of protection

-explained Pension Plans since 2016 re: smoothing

-conditional indexing in a predicament

-numbers didn’t jive

-CPP Enhancement Integration

-Len explained CPP’s History

-We fought for CPP for every Canadian

-OPT has a new CEO: Peter Lindley

-OPSEU Board passed a motion re: Federal Election

-we encourage you to vote

-we recommend the NDP

-CUPE avoided a massive strike, hats off to them

-Thank you for having me

7.1    Jennifer Van Zetten, Executive Board Member

-Keep LCBO in the Public’s Hands

-information at a local Windsor LCBO

-stop in between 1 and 3 p.m. for 5-10 minutes

7.2    Laurie Nancekivell, Executive Board Member

-Environmental Racism Conference, Nov 2nd

-8:30 a.m. Register, 9-4 p.m. Conference

-London Regional Office, 1092 Dearness Dr.

-Resolution Questions call or text Laurie/Jenn

-Fight Ford Fund, Executive Board passed a campaign

-If anyone needs help in fighting a cause call us, we will help you develop it (examples below)

-Local 130’s BBQ drew attention to Mental Health, Homelessness, Addiction Issues

-for Jeff Yurek’s Office Rally, we got busses for them

-Re: Correction (Evelyn Anger)

-OPS Corrections has their own contract

-gave up the right to strike

-will work with an arbitrator

8.0 Speaker:   Constable Surgeet Gill,

Windsor Police Community Service

-showed a video on Fraud, Scams, Identity stealing

9.0 Adjournment: 1:30 p.m.

Motion to adjourn: Ben McBride

Seconded: Debbie Riopelle, Member at Large


Respectfully submitted,

Fran Jajal, Secretary, Region One Retirees

Windsor, Ontario

23 Members attended, 3 EBM’s,