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Minutes of the April 11, 2018 Executive Board Meeting

Minutes of the April 11, 2018 Executive Board Meeting


The Executive Board was called to order at 12:25p.m. President Thomas was in the Chair. Sara Labelle and Carl Thibodeau were not in attendance, the reasons were acceptable to the Chair. Peggy Maybury, Executive Assistant to the President, was also in attendance.

Presidents Report

Internal Issues

The OPTrust Select Addendum

Moved by Elliott/Jones

Whereas the OPSEU Constitution establishes that one of the organization’s aims is to advance the common interests, economic, social and political, of the Members and of all public employees, wherever possible, by all appropriate means; and

Whereas OPSEU pension policy states that all working people have a right to retire with dignity;

Whereas OPSEU recognizes that a jointly sponsored, defined benefit pension plan is the best retirement system to deliver the pension promise; and

Whereas the OPTrust, OPSEU and the Government of Ontario have reached an agreement on an affordable and sustainable defined benefit plan (OPT Select) for OPSEU BPS members without a DB plan, as well as other BPS and non-profit organizations that may or may not be represented by OPSEU; and

Whereas the plan details and agreements from these discussions have been thoroughly reviewed and vetted by independent counsel, actuaries, and the Pension Liaison Committee and are not expected to be substantively changed with respect to their intent, but may be changed for purposes of clarity only;

Therefore be it resolved that the OPSEU Executive Board direct the President of OPSEU to sign the Letter of Agreement referred to as “The OPTrust Select Addendum” along with any other documents that may need to be signed in order to establish the creation of the OPT Select defined benefit pension plan.

Roll Call #1

Almeida, Eddy for

Arscott, Julius for

Arvelin, Ed for

Bisaillon, Michel for

Elliott, Len for

Jones, Gareth for

Labelle, Sara —

Maclam, Kenneth for

Magner, Myles for

Maszczakiewicz, Tara for

Morton, Lucy for

Nancekivell, Laurie for

Perron, Janel for

Roy, J.L. for

Shearer, Philip for

Sikora, Jessica for

Thibodeau, Carl —

Thomas, Warren for

Thorson, Erin for

Tremblay, Chrisy for

Vyfschaft, Tracy for

Carried 19 for 0 against


The Executive Board adjourned at 1:14 p.m. All members were present except Sara Labelle and Carl Thibodeau, the reasons were acceptable to the Chair.

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, President
Nicole Glass, Corporate Secretary