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CAAT Support Community Colleges Divisional Executive Committee

CAAT Support Community Colleges Divisional Executive Committee


OPSEU CAAT-S Committee

Meet the CAAT-S Divisional Executive

The Division Executive (DIVEX) acts on behalf of the division in representing its goals and objectives in responding to workplace cutbacks, pension changes, legislative changes, organizing campaigns, etc.

It carries on these duties through

  • Provincial and national campaigns
  • Political activism both provincially
  • Liaising with other labour groups.
  • Meeting with government officials
  • Development of position papers
  • Development of divisional responses to government
  • Communicating with the local presidents and committee chairs about provincial activities and/or divisional direction

Membership on the DIVEX

The CAAT(S) DIVEX are elected at final demand setting, after all other committees have been elected.

There is one member elected from:

  • Joint Insurance Committee/Pension Committee
  • Joint Classification Committee/Grievance Scheduling Committee
  • Bargaining Team/EERC (Employee/Employer Relations Committee)


  • Two members who are elected at large

The DIVEX member, their contact colleges and their committee contacts are listed on the right hand side of this page.

Committee Members

For more information on the work of the Divisional Executive, please contact the OPSEU committee member assigned to your college or committee.

Marilou Martin, Chair, Local 557, George Brown College,
Email: MarilouMartin@rogers.com

Janice Hagan, Vice-Chair, Local 561, Seneca College,
Email: Janice.hagan@opseulocal561.ca

Tracy MacMaster, Member, Local 561, Seneca College,
Email: tlmacmaster@yahoo.ca

Naz Binck, Member, Local 137, St. Clair College,
Email: nazbinck@hotmail.com

Richard Belleau, Member, Local 731, Confederation College,
Email: opseu731@tbaytel.net

Jennifer Wright, 1st Alternate, Local 654. Northern College,
Eail: jenwright2008@hotmail.com

Connie Collins, 3rd Alternate, Local 137, Centennial College,
Email: wallc@cogeco.ca

Donald Wright, 4th Alternate, Local 557, George Brown College,

Tom Wilcox, 5th Alternate, Local 245, Sheridan College,
Email: tw@mac.com

Brenda Butler, Regional Coordinator, Regions 1 & 2
E-mail: brendabtravelin@gmail.com

Mike McKeown, Regional Coordinator, Regions 3 & 4
E-mail: michaelmckeown@rogers.com

Tracy MacMaster, Regional Coordinator, Region 5
E-mail: tlmacmaster@yahoo.ca

Chad Ravary, Regional Coordinator, Region 6 & 7
E-mail: chadravary@hotmail.com