It’s #Time4Students!

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Faculty at Ontario’s 24 public colleges are fighting to improve the college system and to protect the quality of a college education.

We know our students are the future, and that’s why college faculty are fighting for a better system for all. And you can help!

Better is possible. In just the last five years, Ontario’s college system has seen a surplus of $1.6 billion. That means our colleges have plenty of money for classrooms, libraries and in-house counsellors who support students – but, that’s not where the money is going. Instead, there are more managers than ever – and with higher salaries than ever – while conditions in our colleges are worsening.

College faculty are fighting for more time for students by demanding:

  • More time to prepare online courses and to provide feedback to students. Currently, faculty only have a maximum of five minutes per week, per student for marking and no additional time to create quality online courses – that’s ridiculous!
  • That colleges stop giving the work of professors, librarians, and counsellors to private corporations. It’s shameful that less than half of public colleges have full-time faculty librarians on site, and that two colleges have outsourced all their counselling services for students entirely.
  • That unionized contract faculty have better job stability and access to benefits. Approximately 75% of faculty work on 14-week, precarious contracts with no guarantee of benefits between semesters, and little guarantee that they will be hired back to teach their courses. Faculty are pushing back against the growing gig economy to build a better future with decent jobs for students, because our students deserve better!

College faculty want simple and reasonable changes. We care deeply about our students and want a better future for them. We’re here to provide them the highest-quality education and training and prepare them for the jobs Ontario needs right now – in health care, social services, the skilled trades, and so much more.

You can help us to achieve better, by sending a letter to your college president to demand more #Time4Students