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Increased protections for migrant workers needed now

Increased protections for migrant workers needed now

Harvesting Freedom
Harvesting Freedom

Over the years OPSEU has been working with Justicia for Migrant Workers in an effort to educate members about the working conditions of migrant workers in Ontario.

We’ve held a number of events where members of Justicia have spoken on working conditions, and have answered questions on how unions can help advocate for change for the people who put food on our tables. At every event our members ask, ‘what can we do?’ The answer now more than ever is we need to take action.

The recent deaths of two workers from COVID-19, and the number of confirmed positive cases, are reasons to be alarmed. Why is our government failing to protect migrant workers? Both the federal and provincial governments have declared migrant workers as essential. Why then have they not done more to protect them and our food supply?

The time for us to take action is now.

Click on the link www.harvestingfreedom.org where you will find a number of different actions you can take to show your support. You can tweet, send e-mails, make a phone call, or sign a petition. The website has everything you need with simple and easy-to-follow instructions on you can help.

Whatever action you choose, it will only take a few minutes to add your voice. Our fight continues and more actions will to follow so stay posted.