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OPSEU Coalition of Racialized Workers

Workers of Colour: Who we are

Workers of Colour: Who we are

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All about the Workers of Colour Caucus

The Workers of Colour Caucus was founded upon the desire to recognize the changing demographics in Ontario. It was also based on the desire to promote the activities and contributions of its members of colour.  The Caucus strives to secure OPSEU’s future in the labour movement by embracing this change through organizing, educating and empowering Workers of Colour to fully participate within our union. 

The Workers of Colour Caucus provides support and advocates on behalf of racialized members of OPSEU and external communities of colour. The Caucus has also had a significant role in researching and identifying issues related to the changing demographics of OPSEU and within the labour movement.

Committee Members

Key contact information for Workers of Colour Caucus:

Peter Thompson, Chair:
519.969. 1901 (home);
519.739.9920 ext.218 (work);

Elizabeth Ha, Vice-Chair:
519.919.0852 (home);
519.739.9920 ext.245 (work);

Jennifer Reid, Secretary:
519.681.6687 ext.2348 (work);