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OPSEU Coalition of Racialized Workers

Workers of Colour: Colouring our Path

Workers of Colour: Colouring our Path

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“Colouring our Path” is a project of the Workers of Colour Caucus. The “Colouring our Path” site provides information on Workers of Colour and their contributions to OPSEU, and more generally to labour and human rights. The site also endeavours to serve as a stimulus and a focal point for members, union activists and community members on the contributions of Workers of Colour to OPSEU and to social justice

WOC - Cory Bryan's Bio
 Download Cory Bryan"s bio

Jennifer Reid's Bio
 Download Jennifer Reid"s bio

Tony Weeks' Bio
 Download Tony Weeks" bio

Budrham's Bio
 Download Mohar Budrham"s bio

Mary Ing's Bio
 Download Mary Ing"s bio

Beverley Johnson's Bio
 Download Beverley Johnson"s bio

Derek Miller's Bio
 Download Derek Miller"s bio

Peter Thompson's Bio
 Download Peter Thompson"s bio

Fred Upshaw's Bio
 Download Fred Upshaw"s bio

Tom Watson's Bio
 Tom Watson"s bio