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Why Join OPSEU?

Why Join OPSEU?


OPSEU OrganizingBelonging to OPSEU means that you gain access to a wealth of resources that will help advocate for fair pay, better working conditions, job security, benefits, and respect.

Just ask any of the 130,000 workers we represent across Ontario: they’ll tell you being part of OPSEU is about building a more positive and united workplace.

In fact, they’ll tell you we’re all about a constructive, social-justice approach that builds respectful work environments and gets real results for our members.

We Share Your Values

Do you value respect, dignity, and fairness in the workplace? These are the values that guide OPSEU and that make us the strongest union in the province of Ontario.

OPSEU"s main priority is the well-being of our members. This is reflected in collective agreements that set wages and working conditions, and protect job security in the wide variety of settings where our members work.

As a public service union, we are concerned with government cutbacks that erode the high standard of public services that Ontarians want and deserve.

And we are concerned with the labour legislation under which it operates. Amendments to those laws, and to other pieces of legislation affecting the workplace, health and safety and employment standards, are constant concerns.

Collective bargaining gives us a voice in the decisions that affect our lives at work. With OPSEU as your union, you can be sure that we speak in an effective and united voice.

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