What happens after the vote?

What happens after the vote?


OPSEU policy allows for the equivalent of one full-time book-off per every 650 members (that can be shared between members or filled by one member), so that someone designated from HSN can work full-time on your issues. The member(s) filling this role will be elected to do so by the membership.

Elections will be held to establish a bargaining team.

To encourage greater participation and allow for better access to democracy, voting for all elections will be conducted via a travelling ballot box as opposed to being solely held at union meetings, where only those in attendance would normally be able to vote.

Union education and training will be provided to every member who is interested, including specialized training for the newly elected bargaining team.

OPSEU will ensure all of its members, regardless of classification, are treated fairly with respect and transparency.

Central bargaining

With OPSEU, regardless of where you work, you make the same high wages as other professionals in your classification.

ONA doesn’t bargain a central contract for allied health professionals.

For more information, please contact:

Kiera Chion, OPSEU Organizer
416-526-0330, kchion@opseu.org

Norm Pilon, OPSEU Staff Representative
705-665-2216, npilon@opseu.org

organizing@opseu.org, 1-844-OPSEU-4U
Facebook: /OPSEUHSN
Twitter: @OPSEU_HSN