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Update: Pharmacy technician reclassification grievance

Update: Pharmacy technician reclassification grievance

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Your 25.01(b) central reclassification committee would like to take this opportunity to provide all pharmacy technicians with an update on the reclassification grievance process.

In early June 2017, this committee sent out the Job Information Questionnaires to all locals that agreed to be part of the central reclassification process. Subsequently, the committee met and reviewed all of the returned surveys. This allowed us to identify all new job duties being performed by pharmacy technicians since registration in 2011.

The committee is currently in discussions with the Ontario Hospital Association to select an arbitrator to hear the grievance. We expect that a hearing will be scheduled for January 2018.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

In solidarity,

Sara Labelle
Sandi Blancher
Betty Palmieri