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Update on the Central OPSEU Pay Equity Process

Update on the Central OPSEU Pay Equity Process


On behalf of the Joint Steering Committee, we wish to provide our participating members with an update on the Central Pay Equity process.

The Joint Evaluation Committee has been diligently reviewing the completed Job Information Questionnaire’s (JIQs) and has completed evaluations for approximately 95% of the 1600+ JIQs. The evaluation committee must reach consensus on all evaluations. The parties are committed to ensuring that the work of each job classification is evaluated in accordance with the Pay Equity Act.

Once job evaluations are completed and consensus is reached, then work begins on the next phase where the Joint Steering Committee will determine the job factor weightings and banding for the Central Pay Equity Plan. Delays in completion may occur should a dispute arise during the process that requires the intervention of the Pay Equity Commission.

Any new or changed OPSEU jobs that were not captured by the JIQ roll-out process or OPSEU jobs existing in hospitals that have joined central bargaining post the 2009 Central Round of Bargaining will be captured through the pay equity maintenance process.

We will continue to keep you updated as we go along.

Yves Shank
Chair of OPSEU Steering Committee

Clarence Willms
Chair of Hospitals’ Steering Committee

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